Know 5 Ingenious Ways to use Technology to Catch a Cheating Spouse or Partner

Know 5 Ingenious Ways to use Technology to Catch a Cheating Spouse or Partner – Catching a cheating spouse is not much of a challenge anymore.

The suspect can easily delete all traces of a romantic relationship, hide the cheating partner with an alias in the phone’s contact list, and even cover up all tracks whenever they meet.

However, while technological advances have made it easy for cheaters to nurture multiple relationships at a time, modern innovations have also made it less puzzling to catch a cheating partner red-handed.

There are highly sophisticated ways of getting to the bottom all the deception.

In order to succeed in catching the cheater, you have to understand what advantages the person exploits.

What does he or she do to cover up any trace, making it so difficult for you to prove anything, and make your suspicions seem baseless?

Figuring this out will help you decide what ways to use. Is the person clearing all thread of text messages, clearing the browsing history, lying about whereabouts and returning home late, or talking to a “colleague” at odd hours and for too long?

1. Observe Your Spouse for Signs of Cheating

As a spouse, you will notice behavioral changes. Is your spouse avoiding going out with you? Is he or she making excuses to stay away from you?

Does the person go to bed too early, or stay up too late just to get on a late night call?

Try following your spouse in another car if your spouse claims there is an official meeting, and bails out of an important family dinner.

Try to look for receipts, credit card activities that you had no idea about, new gifts, new perfume, and even lipstick marks or his shirt.

Do not hesitate to ask your spouse whenever you feel as if something doesn’t add up.

Try to understand why your spouse is cheating on you. A lying spouse will never look you in the eye if you ask.

He or she may play the anger, trust, and guilt card, which will only confirm that your suspicions are true.

If you are a woman, you naturally have the gift of intuition, so if your gut tells you he is cheating trust that inner voice. You can also look out for other signs that he is cheating on you.

2. Figure Out Who the Devoted Contact Is

Cheating lovers are usually very smart, so do not underestimate them. They will change the name of their romantic partner to an alias.

They will act as if the call is from their workplace or even an old friend and not from a lover. They will even put a password on their cell phone so that you cannot access it while they are away from it.

Nonetheless, there are some smartphone monitoring apps that can help you track that person down like CoupleTracker and Xnspy

Through access to all call logs from the app’s control panel, you can see which numbers frequently contact your spouse, the times at which the communications happened, and where your spouse was at those times.

You can also read entire threads of text messages, and conversations on WhatsApp, Skype, and some other internet messengers, including Facebook messenger.

Once you track the caller’s number, you can call the contact from your cell phone and verify what’s going on.

3. Check Photos in the Cloud

Cell phones are an important part of our lives, and most people configure their cell phones to automatically upload photos to their Photo Stream and other similar photo monitoring apps.

Even if you are cheating other half deletes the topless photos the new friend sends from the cell phone, it might still be lingering somewhere in the cloud.

After all, iPhone users know that it is the best way to manage their photos, so you can bet your spouse uses it if he or she uses an iPhone. Make sure that you check the iCloud account if you know the user ID and password.

4. Use a GPS Tracker

When the traditional ways of spying on your spouse fail, you can use apps with the GPS tracking feature to know where your cheating life partner is at any time of the day.

If you’ve tried asking about where he or she is and it has failed, it’s time to go high-tech.

Some apps have the inbuilt GPS tracking feature that allows you to know where the target cell phone is at any time.

XNSPY is also one of the many apps that offer this feature but in comparatively less price.

You can observe places frequently visited, and at what times your spouse goes to those places. Once you confirm that there is a pattern, surprise your spouse and catch them both in the act.

5. Use a Recorder to Listen to Conversations

You can find several digital recorders on the market. They come in all shapes and forms, such as pens, phone look-alike devices, and thumb drives.

All you have to do is place one of these near the places where you spouse sits to have secret conversations, and the device will get it all recorded for you to listen to it at your convenience.

Alternatively, monitoring apps nowadays also come with the capacity to record ambient sounds in the surroundings of the target’s cell phone. They also allow you to listen to the calls without being detected.


There’s nothing better than an honest and loyal relationship that lasts until you two grow old together.

If trying these ways to catch a cheating spouse don’t help, then it means there is no point to being together.

There are limits to tolerance and some things that you just shouldn’t tolerate in a marriage.

The bottom line is that, if your spouse is giving you sleepless nights, if you feel there is a lot of deception in life together, and once you feel that there is no trust left – it’s better to end it.

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