How to Disable Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tools provides by the big Google. It functions as a traffic tracking tools that provide statistical data such as visitors details, browser details, pageviews etc.

These data will serves as a great assistance and reference for marketing purpose. Webmasters can keep track on the visitors and optimize their content for whatever purpose they designate. So how to disable Google Analytics?

Here are few steps on how to disable Google Analytics

Why bother disabling Google Analytics?

Google Analytics done a great job for webmasters. However, there are some visitors that are quite concern with their privacy in the internet.

There is a big “No” if their IP or details was been tracked. It is better for them to be anonymous.

How to disable Google Analytics?

If you are quite concern with your surfing privacy, there is a simple magic tricks that will help you to disable Google Analytics Tracking.

Well, the tricks has a catchy name. Let me introduce you to Google Analytics Opt-out plugin.

This plugin give more choice for visitors. It provide the option to block information from being sent to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on is currently available for most browser including Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Google Chrome 4.x & higher, and last but not least Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and higher.

Disabling Google Analytics using Browser Plugin.

Google Analytics Opt-out plugin will give you the option to stop sending information and disable Google Analytics tracking.

There is no configuration or setting needed. Just complete the installation and you are ready to go.

How to Install Google Analytics opt out plugin?

Simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Click Get Google Analytics Opt-our Browser Add-on BETA

3. Click Accept & Install

4. Click Ok when you see any Open Window and then click Install Now

5. Restart Browser

6. You are done!