How to Attach an Email in Lotus Notes

If you are Microsoft Outlook’s user, you may found that attaching an email to another email is very straightforward. Just do a simple drag and drop and you are good to go.

However, in Lotus Notes; Is is a different story. After exploring the Lotus Notes’s GUI, I can’t find anything related on how to attach an email to another email. It is quite frustrating to found out that this simple function which is regularly used by normal office user on a daily basis was not covered in the application.

If you having the similar issue with Lotus Notes, I hope that the steps mentioned below helps. Even-though it is quite hectic and annoying but at least the solution works.

1. Open the specific email that you want to attach

2. Go to File > Save As

3. Ensure that the file extension is set to Lotus Notes Email Message (*.eml) and then click Save

4. Go to File > New > Message to create new email message

5. Go to File > Attach and select the .eml file saved

6. You should be able to see and review the email in the attachment