Choosing the Right Web Designer

Your website is your hardest working sales person, working around the clock to advertise your business. Having a dynamic website that gets results is

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Choosing the Right Web Designer

Your website is your hardest working sales person, working around the clock to advertise your business. Having a dynamic website that gets results is crucial to your business, and choosing the best web designer is the first step in the process. 

Check out the Designer’s Portfolio

Looking at other sites that the designer has created is the best way to get a feel for what your site will look like. Be sure that their style is in line with your company’s image and brand. If your company is an accounting firm and your designer works mostly with tattoo artists, their designs may be too edgy for your company. Although a great designer can create pages that work with any company, they often stick to a specific theme or style. 

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Have an Open Conversation With Your Designer

Schedule a time to talk to your designer about your project and expectations. Your designer should ask about your company’s mission, goals and purpose. If you have a current website, your designer should ask what you like about it and what elements you would like to change. The designer will often have suggestions about how to improve the look and feel of your site. 

Beware of Empty Promises

If your web designer promises that the site’s design will guarantee high search engine placement, beware. Getting your site additional visibility is the job of your search engine optimization (SEO) and web marketing team. While your designer can create elements of the site that will help with visibility (blogs, landing pages) they don’t control the actual content. When thinking about your SEO strategy, it’s the content, not the design that counts. 

Ask for a Referral

When you come across a website that simply blows you away, send a message to the owner and ask for the name of their designer. Most webmasters will allow the designer to put a link or signature at the bottom of the site. Follow this link to the designer’s page and ask for a consultation. 

Have a Budget Conversation Early

After you have found a designer for your site, discuss the terms and fees early in the discussion. Many business owners find a designer they love, only to find out that the designer is out of their budget. Start with an affordable web designer and select from their portfolio. Companies like Snap web design offer reliable service and a quick and snap web design that works with businesses in all budget categories.

Select a Designer that Understands Sales

Your web site is a sales tool. While having a site that looks good and attracts attention is great, your web site’s main purpose is to drive sales. Look for a designer that understands the value of a great return on investment, the need to increase sales and the value of representing your company’s mission. Your designer will understand that hiring a copywriter to fill your site with dynamic content is crucial. Steer clear of designers that are too focused on the look of the site and not focused enough on driving sales.

Ask About Maintenance

Once your site is developed, you may want to make minor changes. New products, news and events and updated prices may require design changes, so find out if your designer is with you for the long haul. Many business owners elect to simply make changes themselves, while others enjoy full-service web maintenance solutions. Snap Web Design offers ongoing maintenance and creates easy-to-update sites for those that want to do their own updating.

Ask About Deadlines, Schedules and Milestones

Staying in regular contact with your designer is crucial. Ask the designer how long it will take to receive your finished site. Find out if there are any milestones that the designer will meet. Set up a system that will allow you to monitor how much work has been completed on your site. While projects can often take longer than expected, a good designer will give you a general idea of when you can expect your completed site. These milestones are often accompanied by payment dates, so be sure to work this out with your designer in advance. Avoid selecting designers who refuse to give you a timeline or provide you with feedback throughout the project.

Ask About Options

While you may want a basic site in the beginning, you may want to upgrade later. Ask your designer whether you can add on elements like a blog, shopping cart, auto responders and email addresses. Most designers can create elements that allow you to add on more later. 

If you are looking for a full-service design firm that delivers, Snap Web design is the premier agency for quality, affordable design services. Serving clients across the globe, Snap prides itself on websites that provide you with the best return on your investment. Call for a consultation today.

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