7 Retarded Blogging Tips That People Actually Try

Well, if you look at the vast internet world today, you’ll see that there are many misleading information that if followed, they will ruin your life instead of making it better. When you look at various tips about blogging, it doesn’t matter how good it seems, some of them are just plain stupid to follow.
Nevertheless, some people still follow those tips religiously.

Retarded Blogging Tips
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If you’re looking for some blogging tips that can make your life as a blogger easier, be careful with these tips. Here are 7 retarded blogging tips that people actually try:

1. Write About Whatever You Like To Write

Well, in blogging, you cannot just write whatever you like to write. You write according to the niche that you enter. You write for the audience, not for yourself. You need to do this if you want to succeed in your blogging business.

If you want to write about whatever you like to write, it’s good for you to write on your diary instead of your blog. If you’re doing business with your blog, the writing needs to be adjusted to the need of your audience. Otherwise, your blog will be mixed with various topics that blur the real niche of the blog.

2. Write Only Perfect Post Or Publish Only Great Content

What do you mean by perfect? If you write only perfect post, you will sit for hours just to tweak your content and make it perfect. Let me tell you that you will not get that perfect content. Your content will never be perfect, no matter what you are doing.

So, don’t be concerned with the perfection of your post. Be concerned about the quality and the value that you can give to your audience. Blogging is not about using perfect and smart language in your blog. It’s about giving value to your audience.

3. Put Your Keywords In Your Content

You can spend days looking for the perfect keywords that can bring you more traffic and money, but you won’t find them. Moreover, you can spend lots of time to put those keywords into your post every time you write your content, analyze its density, and so on, only to find out that your keywords don’t give you more traffic and sales.

Well, it’s good for you to be concerned with the keywords that you target, but if you are too obsessive about it, you will not be able to come up with high quality content. Your keywords will only harm your content quality.

4. Use Exact Match Keyword In Your Title

If you want to make your article fancy-looking, you can just put your keyword in your title. Your title will look awkward and so boring from the start. Why? That’s because most keywords out there don’t fit to be used as an article title. You can use your keyword as guidance for the topic of your blog post, but try to write creative titles for your blog. Don’t just put keywords on your title and add some words like how to, top tips, and so on.

5. Use Auto-Blogging Software To Make Money Automatically

Auto-blogging software works to create automatic content for your blog. How this software works? It works by scraping content from other blogs and websites, thereby stealing their content. Can you make money from this software? No. The only one who makes money from this software is the software creator. When you use auto-blogging software, you will be able to build a completely stupid blog that has no sense at all, full of errors, and make people want to spit at it.

6. Comment On Other Blogs Using Your Keywords

Well, in the old days, this is so popular that many bloggers apply this tip. Can it help you to increase your blog rank? The answer is no. Why? That’s because your comment is getting ignored by the search engine. Besides, you are making your comment so funny that people will immediately judge your blog as a low quality blog.

Think about it. You post a comment: “That’s a great post!” and you put a name in your comment as “Buy perfect shoes”. Isn’t it funny? Just put your real name on your comment and link it to your blog. It is more credible and makes you more popular quickly.

7. If You Want To Make Money Blogging, Start With A Free Blog

If you’re serious about making money blogging, what’s wrong with putting some $10 dollars as a monthly expense for your business? It’s so cheap to build your own blog nowadays. Don’t you think that free blogs can destroy your credibility? You should be mindful with it. Rather than spending your time and effort on a free blog, it is better for you to spend your time and effort in your own blog, with your own domain name.

Those are 7 retarded blogging tips that people actually try. I think that you might have tried some of those tips as well. But, don’t worry. Now, you know what to do. You have to discard those tips from your mind and start a better blogging lifestyle that will really bring you profit for long-term.

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