SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

In search engine realm, there are several things you should have under control. I personally believe that some of the most popular mistakes that people do that are not they fault. I think they try to read articles that are poor in information and are based on myths and lies that are not convenient for your business. Even though you probably don’t have access to specialized SEO magazines (being honest I don’t know too much SEO magazines) there are reliable websites you can have access to read good articles and even courses.

The big question here is how you can avoid read unreliable information about SEO tips and tricks. I will give you some useful advices you can use to identify good SEO information but also to overcome all kind of SEO myths.

SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

Avoid keyword stuffing

One of the most relevant things you should avoid is overusing the keywords in your web content – keyword stuffing. When you are working with you articles you should put them in the content wisely. What I mean with that is that if you are working on mobile phone niche and your keyword is “blackberry cell phones” don’t write this phrase 20 times within a 500 words article.

It is good that you avoid keyword stuffing because it is not true the more you write a keyword the better is going to be for your ranking. The real thing is that keyword stuffing is penalized by search engines and the recommended keyword density in your content is 2% or 3%.

No frames and no flash

Several people write me by email asking about the propel use of keywords and frames. The thing is not you shouldn’t use frames, you can use it but not at the top of your web page but in the button or something like that. Web crawler’s often read the first page and index your website using your Meta tag description and keywords, if it founds a frame or a flash header instead your Meta tags you will be in serious problems.

Be care with long tail keywords

Long tail words could be a serious problems if you are not constantly reading what search engines say about that. With the Google May Day I have seen how a wide range of people have lose a lot of money because they invested in micro sites using long tail keywords.

Cheap techniques

Cheap techniques don’t work. When you invest a low quantity of money you will get as result a low income. I highly recommend that you firstly understand the SEO method that works for your business and then you can make a plan that is good for you.

Short articles

I started working with articles that are beyond 200 words but articles having 100 words won’t do the work you need. This is another SEO myth. I have read blogs saying that it doesn’t matter the word count in your articles. The more extensive and informative are your articles the better they are going to be for you.

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Kaiser Mangampo is a 22 year old Webmaster, Blogger, SEO Lover, and Certified Internet Addict.

14 thoughts on “SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

  1. Slava

    Could you explain more about this?

    “… Google May Day I have seen how a wide range of people have lose a lot of money because they invested in micro sites using long tail keywords…”

    What happened???

  2. blues guitar lessons

    There is one common mistake that people do and it’s about the way they understand the concept of using keywords. Keywords are not what you would want you’re website to be found for, but what your website could show up for in relation to its content

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  4. Eric with Your Marketing Friend

    1. Avoid keyword stuffing
    I usually try to keep my density at 2%, but no higher than 4%. After reading this guide, I am going to keep it between 2% and 3%.

    2. No frames and no flash
    I learned this a long time ago as a web designer. When I started with Internet Marketing, I definitely saw the benefits of avoiding frames and flash. Even though flash makes for a really cool looking website.

    3. Be care with long tail keywords
    I am a little bit confused about this term “long tail keywords”. Could someone maybe offer me some sort of explanation and example?

    4. Cheap techniques
    I am a big fan of FREE techniques. I feel like if people will visit your website for free… then why wouldn’t they visit the site if you are paying for their traffic. Any thoughts about this subject?

    5. Short articles
    I agree, but short articles are much easier to produce in my case. I am no writing expert, but I can manage short articles. Any tips or tricks on how to write longer articles?

  5. Ryan @ Blogging Virgin

    A lot of clients I deal with assume we use flash, but we don’t because of the SEO implications. It’s really hard to explain this to them since they tend to want the cool affects that impress them more than anyone visiting the site.


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