WP Plugin – The Smart Way to Embed Multimedia Presentations

The WordPress CMS is the most popular website builder in the world, and it is free to use (which is good). However, if you want a few extra elements on your website then you have to start buying and installing plugins. These are additions to the WordPress program that allow you to do other things with your website or blog that you create. For example, you can buy a plugin that allows you to install animations, and another that will increase your blog security. There are a lot of them for sale online, and some of them will allow you to embed multimedia presentations into your website or blog.


What if I want to add a video manually?

It is your website, so if you are able to gain access to the HTML source code, then there is nothing stopping you from adding a video or some form of multimedia presentation. If you know what you are doing then it is no more difficult than adding a picture to your website or blog. However, since many WordPress users have little to no HTML programming knowledge or experience, they have to use plugins.

Before you start buying plugins

See if your version of WordPress has not got a device to let you add multimedia presentations already. Your current version may already have a tool that lets you do what you want to. Just because there is not a comprehensive nay exhaustive list of multimedia tools on your WordPress CMS at the moment, does not mean that one of the WordPress functions will not serve your purposes.

Some of the multimedia plugins are free

There are one or two plugins that (at the time of writing) will allow you to add certain multimedia presentations into your WordPress website/blog for free. There are a lot of free plugins that you can find outside of the WordPress plugin store, but you should be wary of them, as you have no guarantee that they do not contain viruses.

The plugins you find have different functions

As you look through the WordPress plugins, you will see that some plugins appear to do the same things as others. However, what you are not seeing is how they differ in function or format. For example, two plugins may both offer to help you install Flash videos into your website, but one may offer more editing and resizing tools than the other.

Different plugins means different methods

The different plugins give you the option of doing things a little differently. For example, one plugin may give you the option of installing a photo gallery with HTML code, and another may program a JavaScript photo gallery for you. One plugin may offer you a gallery built for a website with a higher bandwidth, and another may help you to build a gallery that is light weight (takes up less memory, and takes less time to download).

Sometimes it is worth paying for some plugins

There are some very good multimedia plugins out there that offer you a rich media package. They may help you every step of the way, from deciding how big your multimedia elements are going to be, to deciding if it will auto start and then uploading your videos to your sever (web host).

On the other hand, if you know what you want to do and it is more of a one-off, then choose one of the lighter plugins. This will allow you to manipulate and install your multimedia presentation without having to clog up your WordPress tool with unneeded functions and tools. The lighter plugins are also often very cheap or free.

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