Important Factors to Consider Before Working as a Designer While in College

Working as Designer while in college? Here are some tips for you.

Are you a student who wants to make money from your design skills while you’re at college? For many people studying today, this is an option that will pay for their education and prevent them from having to pay off a large student loan after they graduate.

However, before you decide to combine your design work with your studies, there are some important factors you should consider first.

1. Strike a Balance Between Work and Study

When you’re a student, your main priority is your studies. Any free time that you have available after that, can be used to relax or make an income. You have to learn to manage your time properly and decide how much time you can spend working as a designer.

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Striking the right balance between both of these activities will ensure that you graduate with a valuable qualification and you still manage to provide an important service to other individuals and businesses.

2. Getting Design Work

You may have excellent design skills, but you still have to find clients to make some money. Before you get your first clients, you may have to complete some sample projects, so that you can start building a portfolio of your work to show to your potential clients.

Finding clients has become easier in recent years. A wide range of businesses and individuals are always looking for freelance workers to help them with all kinds of design work. You can find many of these potential clients through their own websites, by calling to their offices, by checking classified websites or by visiting the most popular outsourcing websites.

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Initially, you may not get paid too much money for your design services, but you will gain valuable experience and you’ll be able to add to your portfolio of work completed for real clients.

3. Stay Fit and Healthy

Working as a designer is a great way to generate an income and save money while you’re in college, but spending your whole time studying and working while you’re a student is not a good idea. You need to stay fit and healthy and avoid burning yourself out.

Typical ways you can achieve this goal, include exercising regularly, eating properly, socializing and getting plenty of rest and sleep.


It’s never been as easy as it is now to work as a designer and study at the same time. However, before you decide to do this, you should consider each of the factors above.