Why You Should Choose a Standalone Web Editor

With the amount of modern business that takes place in the form of eCommerce, many business owners feel the pressure to go online. Giving your company

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Why You Should Choose a Standalone Web Editor

With the amount of modern business that takes place in the form of eCommerce, many business owners feel the pressure to go online. Giving your company a website can be very profitable and may be the best way to expand your business, but creating an online face for your company can be seriously intimidating. Learning to use standalone web editing programs takes time, but they will serve you better in the long run than online website makers.

Why You Should Choose a Standalone Web Editor
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Changing Hosts

Times change, and so might your hosting preferences. Just because you chose a pre-designed site from a certain provider does not mean you will want them to host you for the entire lifespan of your company. As you learn more about conducting business online, you will pick up consumer data, coding tricks, and design skills. You may find that your capabilities now exceed your original web site host.

Unfortunately, many of these website resellers will also copyright everything on your pre-designed site. They will basically own your website, so you will be unable to move to a different host. If the original provider you choose does not provide truly detailed and customizable layouts, your business could seriously suffer in the future. You need to be able to adapt your business as you see fit. Standalone web editors allow you to design offline, so the data is all yours to do with as you wish.


So much goes into implementing an online business strategy. Acquiring web design skills may be at the bottom of your to-do list, but settling for a cookie-cutter website template means accepting a lower quality website to represent your company. The domain name may look pretty at the top of the page, but without proper navigation arrangement and search engine optimization, consumers will not enjoy using your company’s site or even be able to find it. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, knowledge of search engine optimization is critical to avoid your website being lost in the vast expanses of the Internet.

What You Can Do

The first website design you choose for your company will probably not be the last, because you will learn more about different web design factors along the way. Your first instinct when designing a website is probably to make it visually appealing, but much more important is how easy the site is for your potential customers to navigate. Equally important is the likelihood of your site turning up in search engine results. These two factors dictate how many people can find your site and how many people will choose to return to it. Pre-designed layouts do not generally allow you to customize your site as you go; otherwise they are just as complicated as a standalone web editor.

Pre-made layouts may sound like a shortcut, but it the long run you will struggle trying to manipulate it. The codes are often specific to the host you use, so the knowledge gained will not help you in designing through other providers. A standalone web editor, however, allows you to create transferrable, completely customizable data. Anything you learn creating one website can be applied in designing another.

The pressure may be on to take your business to the Internet, but you do not want to sacrifice control of your company just to save some time. Learning the ins and outs of a standalone web editor will give you skills that you can use and build on as your online business evolves. This is your company, and you need a quality, usable site that attracts customers. Online website makers cannot necessarily provide that for you.

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