5 Reasons Why People Leave Your Blog

If you want to keep your visitors, you should avoid following these tips.


5 Reasons Why People Leave Your Blog

Your blog design is your first impression for your visitors. It can either compel people to stay in your blog or leave it.

Before they have the motivation to read your blog content, they will examine your blog design first (though only at a glance) and decide whether they can trust your blog or not. Some things in your design can really piss them off that they want to click the close button in less than 3 seconds after discovering them.

Here are 5 most common reasons why people leave your blog.

1. Animated Logo

Animated logo is annoying, and moreover, your blog will look less and less credible with it, especially if you’re using old-style animated banner that makes your blog look like an old blog that never gets updated for long.

Most professional blogs out there never use animated logo in their header. No matter how good the look, it will become annoying and distract your readers from reading your blog content.

2. Sticky Header

Don’t use this “modern” web design feature on your blog, especially if you have a big header that covers a quarter of your screen. Static header is annoying as best as it is not natural for people to keep seeing your header even though they are scrolling the page to the bottom.

It looks awkward and it will also make it very difficult for your readers to read your content comfortably. Stick with the natural web design style. When people want to scroll down, it means that they want to scroll down, not keep seeing your sticky header and logo.

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3. Pop-Up Screen

No matter what is the purpose of your pop-up screen, you shouldn’t install it on your blog unless you want to scare many visitors away. Think about it from the visitors’ perspective. They come to your blog from the search engine (for example) looking for specific information related to the keyword that they’ve typed in the search bar.

They feel interested to read the information on your blog since the title and description are so compelling. They click on the link to your blog with high expectation, only to be greeted with a big pop-up screen that asks them to register on your blog mailing list.

They don’t even know your blog, so why you should “force” them to register on your list? If they want to subscribe to your list, they will do it only after making sure that your blog is valuable to them. Just put your subscription box at the top of your sidebar.

4. Outdated Copyright Notice

People tend to leave your blog if they consider your blog outdated. Do you know why? That’s because what you’re offering to them is no longer relevant. Take a look at your copyright notice. It says.. © 2007 All rights reserved.

It looks like you haven’t updated your blog since years ago. If you think that this issue is a small issue, then think again. If you don’t update your copyright notice, your visitors will think that your blog is an old blog, and they will not want to stay in your blog for long. There are lots of great blogs out there that are up to date.

5. Showing Ads More Often Than Content

Well, monetization is important. It’s the way you make money from your blog. But, if you do it wrongly, you will only make your visitors feel disgusted with your blog.

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Take a look at the ads that you put on your blog. It should be reasonable enough for your visitors to accept the existence of your ads. Don’t put your ads all over the place, burying the content (e.g. the meat of your blog) deep inside their distractions.

You have to show your content more and your ads less, not the other way around so that you can optimize your web pages for better conversions


Those are the most common reasons why people leave your blog. If you want to scare people with your blog design, follow those tips. If you want to keep your visitors, you should avoid following those tips mentioned above. Good luck!

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