Which Rangehood For a Designer Kitchen?

A sleek rangehood adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen. In fact, it can highlight a wall with lovely tile work on it, something that might otherwise be invisible. Or it could camouflage a boring one. Also, consider these tips when buying one. An efficient rangehood ensures that cooking odours, steam and smoke vanish into thin air in a kitchen. It should also be easy to clean. Because the first things you think of when you utter ‘rangehood’ is grease and cooking smells.

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So, check whether the rangehood tackles smells efficiently. In other words, look for a rangehood that offers maximum extraction of fumes. Which means that you should look at the speed motors it uses. These ensure efficient extraction of air from the kitchen, and leave the kitchen odourless. Then, grease. Check how fine the filters are – they are the ones that trap all the grease. Can they be removed easily and changed? It’s not only about smells and grease though. The kitchen cabinets too take a beating with all the moisture and the steam from cooking. So, the more efficient the extraction of the air, the better.

Rangehood Designer Kitchen

Another aspect you can look at – the lights. Do they allow for maximum illumination over the cooking surface? Also, is the hood larger than the cooking surface by at least a few inches all around? There are ones much smaller – and that means much of the odours remain. Besides, make sure there is good after-sales service, because it is all very well to buy the best gadget possible, but it won’t do if it breaks down and the service is poor. Another thing: buy one that makes minimum noise. Some make so much noise that they drown out the door bell.

Here’s what a potential customer who has used international brands had to say: “I’d buy one based on how little time I spend cleaning it, on how easy it is to clean it. I’d also look at the design. I like simple design, no contours, no curves and grooves. Because grease clings tenaciously to them and never lets go. I don’t like smells lingering in the kitchen. So, I would check whether the fans are powerful enough to drive all the smells out.”

A rangehood can add to the aesthetics of a kitchen, some are so sleek, they are like artifacts and can highlight a wall. But also, check whether they are functional, low maintenance, have powerful fans, are easy to clean and maintain.

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