What You Should Know About Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something you can’t learn in the university or college; you can’t make a degree in SEO or a doctorate degree in this matter. The most relevant SEO techniques can be learned from search engines algorithms and what they established each week. According to several things we have learned from search engines, I can tell you that Google for instance change their algorithm 500 to 500 times each year. What it means? It means it is impossible stay paralyzed or statistic in the SEO realm.

What You Should Know About Search Engine Optimization

You should learn everyday from search engines and renew your SEO strategies to keep your business up to date and be successful in this competitive world. On the other hand, you should understand that SEO has frontiers you should identified and I personally believe the best way you can understand that is knowing better what SEO is. In addition, starting describing what is not SEO is an inverse exercise you can do. Whatever is your plan, I think that you must be aware of the frontiers of SEO.

SEO is not SEM

SEO is not SEM

I have seen several people that are confused with search engine optimization because they think SEO is the same of SEM – Search Engine Marketing. Search engine optimization is the art of rank your web site or blog in a good position in search engines through the use of a set of techniques. Search engine marketing has other purpose.

The application of the marketing in your online business getting the most out of SEO is what we know as search engine marketing. You can’t make SEM without SEO but you can perfectly do SEO without SEM and it is good you to know that they are different things.

Link building is different to SEO?

SEO Process

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There are a lot of SEO techniques and one of the most popular is link building. It is completely true that SEO is all about links but links itself aren’t SEO. In addition, is not good we say that SEO and link building is the same because along link building, you can find more and more techniques that are very effective and even are part of a complete SEO strategy.

In conclusion, SEO and link building are separated concepts that are related each other.

More things I should know about SEO

What is SEO

It is very important that you can see how effective could be for your business identify each SEO technique in order you can apply them to your business. The more you know about that the higher are your possibilities to succeed in your online business. There’s no other way to succeed online because despite the niche you are, competition is something you can’t avoid.

When you are developing your website there are some important things you should have under control. For instance, it is good you avoid using frames because search engines (Google don’t like them). On the other hand, using flash-based website is not SEO friendly.

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