What Stumbling Can Do?

Stumble Upon is one of the popular social networking sites these days. Stumble Upon is a bit different from other Social Networking sites. You may get your site review in the list of their “stumbling” sites. Meaning, your site will get more exposure from social bookmark experience. Visitors can grade a site by simply giving ‘Thumb up‘ or ‘Thumb down‘ review. This is the reason why Stumble Upon was noted as one of the biggest tool used to draw traffic in the net.

How to start stumbling?

Stumble Upon - How to start stumbling?

Just go to StumbleUpon.com and create an account. Install the toolbar in your browser. Place ‘I like it‘ icon just over or below your post. Place the review of the post carefully and efficiently. Now allow people to bookmark your blog and place their review.


Stumble Upon - Advantages
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Stumble upon enjoys high traffic and higher Google PR. So when you place the link of your site in terms of review you can have an extra back link and at the same time influence visitors to click on the link of your blog. Sometimes immediate traffic can increase the page impression miraculously.

What kind of traffic I can get from Stumble Upon?

Stumble Upon - What kind of traffic I can get from Stumble Upon?
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Basically you can expect targeted traffic because of the tags placed in the review. But it is the sole responsibility of your post to encourage visitors to stay in your page for more time so that the click through rate increases. The contents must be of very high quality and informative. Spelling and syntactical mistakes can any how not be tolerated. Your contents must be readable so that visitors can enjoy the post.

How many visitors can I expect?

Stumble Upon - How many visitors can I expect?
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The number depends solely upon the quality of posts and comments under the posts. You can get thousands of traffic quite honestly. If you are the owner of a new blog you must start “stumbling” from the very first day.

How to increase traffic from Stumble Upon?

Stumble Upon - How many visitors can I expect?

1. Honestly people verify the number of ‘thumbs’ posted in your review at the beginning. So your review must be of real good quality so that visitors can have a fair idea from the review to have a look at your blog in the next mouse click.

2. Make a decent profile and add as much people as possible in your profile. Join new communities so that your each and every review can reach as many people as possible at the same time.
So start stumbling right now to get huge traffic to your blog.

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