What Should You Look for When Seeking Cheap Printing Services?

Advertising, promotional, and informational publications can be the life’s blood of many businesses, so having them appear attractive and be readable are vital. At the same time, printing these handouts is only one arrow in a sales person’s quiver, so they cannot be prohibitively expensive and take up too much of the sales budget. So, what elements should be sought when trying to decide on a cheap printing service?

When deciding to outsource your printing needs to a print shop, typically a major choice to be made is whether to go with a local provider or try your luck with one of the cheap printing services available online. Generally, online services are cheaper and can be perfect for simple jobs such as flyers and business cards. Local print shops, however, offer ease of pickup or delivery, and you are able to communicate your ideas and needs directly to an individual. With complex print jobs, this can be an asset.

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Still, online print shops have lower overhead and can pass that savings to the customer who is seeking cheap printing services. At the same time, you will need to consider shipping costs and the time it will take for you to receive this cheap printing product, particularly if you are working under a tight deadline. If you are printing flyers in great numbers, for example, the cost of shipping could outstrip any online printing savings.

It goes without saying that cheap printing must also be high quality printing. Getting calendars or books printed is a totally different challenge compared with printing business cards. So you will need cheap printing that is nonetheless experienced and that has the equipment and know-how to handle more complex jobs. Online printing companies tend to be larger and more diverse in the services offered, so they may be the way to go, even with a full-color fold-out calendar with a bleed.

To select the proper cheap printing process, you will need to define exactly what your needs are. If you need the item engraved or whether you are seeking screen or digital printing or thermography will have to be part of the selection of a cheap printer.

One simple and readily available way to select a cheap printing source, of course, is to ask around. If you are impressed with the look of the print product of another firm that is at the same trade show or is a neighbor in the office building, ask them what provider they use. Cheap printing services that offer good prices while still supplying good service and timely processing will have gained a worthy reputation. Even your competitors may be willing to share if they think they have discovered the perfect printer.

Given the detail and sometimes complex nature of the printing needs of today’s businesses, which are hoping to break free from the pack and attract customers, online providers generally are the way to go for cheap printing services that come with the experience and equipment to do the job. Depending on your location, you may be able to achieve the best of both worlds if your local printer also has a positive online presence. At the bottom line, the convenience and savings of online ordering cannot be overstated.


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