What Not To Do When You Start a Children’s Clothing Fashion Website

According to industry watchers, the baby and child clothing industry is easily $20 million and counting says Moonfruit.

Children require the most clothes. Apart from being messy, they grow continuously until they reach puberty and every parent knows this.

As a result, most parents go shopping for children’s clothing twice a year or more simply because old clothes don’t fit or they are too grungy to wear.

This is expensive for parents but great for clothing retailers that specialised in children’s clothing.

According to industry watchers, the baby and child clothing industry is easily $20 million and counting says Moonfruit.

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Apart from basic amenities and daily clothing, the market has also expanded to include luxury clothing and accessories from high-end brands.

For example, parents can now buy $70 LemLem sleeveless cotton onesies, $80 cotton Appleseed sweaters and $700 Ouef cribs, etc. for their darling baby from online websites and retailers.

The market is booming and if you are planning to
start a fashion business for baby or children’s clothing online, you’ve had the right idea at the right time.

Setting Up a Children’s Clothing Website

Baby and children’s clothing has always been an extensive market but the luxury baby market just started in the late 1990s.

Most parents just purchased baby clothing from supermarkets and chain brands like Babies R Us and BuyBuy Baby.

These popular retail brands usually had products in the most affordable rates but by the late 1990s, they also started retailing high-end baby items that pushed demand.

It also helped that media and TV star mommies started using expensive baby items.

For example, Gywneth Paltrow and the upscale GOOP website are particularly famous for their organic and completely vegan accessories that are expensive but popular with trendy new-age parents.

For a small retailer, setting up a luxury-clothing store like GOOP for babies might not be possible, but you can set up a niche-clothing store for babies.

Before you start, here are a few things you should and should not do to ensure success.

Do Not Follow The Trend

The current trend is luxury high-end designer clothing that ranges anywhere from $200 to about $2000 and more.

However, these are high-end designer items made by reputable brands. You might not be able to offer the same quality and manufacturing standards right in the beginning and you cannot price your items in the same range.

Most small retailers prefer to set up retail stores in which they make their own baby items.

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They may also get in touch with wholesalers through trade websites, buy in bulk, and then sell the same in retail to make a profit.

If you are a clothing designer, you can consider specializing in a particular baby or children clothing area.

For example, every clothing company makes infant clothing but very few make premie or clothing for premature babies.

Small designers like Sharon Ward capitalized on this by setting up their own premie clothing websites that quickly turned into a national brand.

Do the Market Research

No matter how beautiful your designs are, a little market research is necessary to assess demand in the market.

For example, if there are already twenty websites online that offer affordable clothing at bulk rates, one more website will not really make that much of a difference to the customer.

However, a website offering organic baby clothing made from bamboo priced at an affordable rate might become successful simply because of demand and no other websites online.

Market research is essential to establish the demand it can save you a lot of money.

Market Locally and Through The Internet

Nothing works as well as word-of-mouth publicity. Market your products at local stores and at local hospital gift shops to establish a brand name.

Babies are born everywhere and having an established local name can do wonders for your online sales as well.

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Not Advertising Your Product

No matter what people say, advertising is mandatory to make a business a success.

Word-of-mouth publicity is the best as it builds the reputation for a brand but you can build your online reputation as well through online social media marketing.

Use websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to set up unique marketing campaigns for your baby clothing range.

Give away freebies, sponsor events, host contests, etc. to encourage customers to visit your website and to shop.

In particular, remember to reach out to new and old customers and offer freebies, deals and discounts that will encourage them to shop more.

You might have the best products but customers have to know about it and this is possible only through advertising.


Setting up an online business is not easy but if you are committed to making it a success, nothing can stop you says Businessoffashion. In the end, it all comes down to quality and price.

If both these factors are under your control, there is nothing stopping you from becoming an online success eventually.

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