What Makes A Video Viral

some common themes that run through all viral videos to date. The most important thing to remember is that you have to create something that other people will want to share.

If you want to create a viral video, makes sure to include one or more of the following elements.


Humour is the most common theme in viral videos. Don’t be afraid to use dry humour, implied humour or sarcasm. If it makes you laugh, you are more likely to share it.

Create A Conversation Piece

Videos that make people talk inspire us to whip out our phones and say ‘let me show you this’. Make a video that will get people talking.

What Makes A Video Viral

Have An Element That Can Be Replicated

Coin a catch phrase or a funny dance move. Videos that have someone speaking in an unusual voice, tone or accent always get the spot light. One of the most viewed viral videos was ‘Gangnam Style’ which featured a simple dance routine that went on to be replicated in nightclubs and households all over the world!

Give It A Good Soundtrack

A catchy beat or melody will stay in people’s minds. Give your video a soundtrack that people will be humming all day.

Make It Skillful

Use skilful editing to alter a familiar clip; a large number of viral videos feature famous movie scenes being dubbed-over with funny accents or alternative dialogue.

Make it Weird

Some of the most popular videos are videos of just one person talking into their camera. In each case, either their mannerisms or subject matter is completely bizarre and outrageous.

Display Phenomenal Talent and Skill

If you have incredulous talent or skill, show it off. The more weird or unique it is, the more likely it is to get hits.

Make It Endearing

There’s always a cute baby video or a cute pet video doing the rounds. If you think your loved one will make people coo, capture them on film and share it with the world.

Finally, when you upload your video, choose a captivating thumbnail and strategic keywords. Share your video on every social media platform available to you, then sit back and wait for the hits to roll in.

If you want help making your viral video, approach a video production company to help you out.

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