What Are Some Ways to Make Your Small Business More Efficient

When it comes to spring, a lot of people think of a rebirth. This is the time of year that homeowners clean out their homes from a winter spent indoors. This is also the time of year, individuals usually attempt to lose a few pounds to try and get ready for the summer beach season. Birds and flowers return to us after a few months away. The same holds true for businesses. Spring is often the time of year when businesses evaluate where they’re at to see where they could improve.

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If you’re looking at ways to increase your efficiency and productivity, here are some ways to consider:

Speak with Team Members to See Where They See the Need for Improvement

Some of the best advice you’ll receive is from people down in the bunker. Elicit advice from everyone. This will not only make your employees happier as they feel like they have greater influence over where they work, it will also allow managers to see upcoming stars who can shine in roles with greater responsibilities.

See Where You Can Make Improvements on IT

As we rely more and more on technology to communicate with one another and we produce more data that must be stored, it becomes imperative that businesses spend greater attention to IT. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to spend more money on IT.

We just need to get smarter with IT. For example, by investing in storage virtualization, you should be able to protect your data better from threats as well as become more scalable when needed. Outsourcing your IT services can allow you to focus your personnel for higher order concerns and provide the flexibility needed to grow.

Give Your Employees More Remote Opportunities

Again, I know what you’re thinking: how can employees be more productive if they’re not even in the office. In all actuality, according to a Cisco study cited in a Time Magazine article, 83% of employees work from home at least part of the day.

In fact, 45% of people have jobs where they could actually work remotely. More and more people, especially now that the millenials are joining the work force more, see the 9-5 workday as an outdated process. They want to work when they feel the most productive rather when the clock says so. Remote employees can help employees be more productive and they can also help businesses save on expensive overhead, like equipment and office space.

Be Prudent in any Expansion Efforts

While everyone likes to grow when they can, it doesn’t make much sense if it takes away from the core identity of your company. Instead of growing by numbers, consider cross-training employees, so each is a valuable asset within a number of different roles. It’s okay to grow, but remember that customer service and maintaining the mission you started with cannot be sacrificed for bigger potential earnings. Try to grow organically rather than suddenly.

What spring cleaning ideas does your business have for the spring?

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