Websites for sale? Read this guide before buying your first website

How to Evaluate Website

Buying and selling websites creates a very appealing business opportunities for Internet Marketer. You will be able to find a great numbers of listed websites for sale that have good potential to generate profit only if you know how to evaluate and valuing those website. Don’t get scammed! It is very important to research and discover its potential before buying.

If you are new and looking for any listed website for sale that could drive good profit, I would recommend you to slow down, get yourself a nice cup of coffee and learn all the things that you should know before buying your first website.

In this post, we will discussed few simple yet important evaluation and research method on how to buy a profitable website. Enjoy your readings!

Buy site with targeted traffic

Buy site with targeted traffic

Targeted traffic is one the most important criteria in buying quality website. Don’t get too excited with high traffic websites but doesn’t have the potential to leverage for revenue. Choose a niche website that have been optimized to rank in specific keywords.

Do a basic Google search of the keywords to find out search engine ranking and page competition. There are numbers of free keyword research tools to find out the true potential of the keywords. If you are using Firefox, I would recommend the SEO Quake Extension to fasten your competition analysis of the keywords.

Buy site with good keyword related domain

Choose a website with domain that reflect your optimized keyword and content. There are great possibilities to archive good search engine ranking if your domain contains your preferred keywords. Do not choose website with a domain that have no value to your content.

Buy site with good keyword related domain

For example if the website is about “Dog Food”, you should expect the domains to be related to your keyword like instead of

Check Fake Page Rank

Do not get trapped with high page rank screenshot as been advertised. These domains get high page rank when the owners redirect their site to other domains with higher page rank.

You may check fake page rank by following these simple steps:
1. Go to
2. Enter
3. Check both with www & without wwww
4. If the domain URL appeared differently in search result, then it is a fake PageRank indeed 😛

Buy site with aged domain

Buy site with aged domain - Whois Lookup

Buy site with aged domain - Whois Details

Go for site with at least 1 or 2 years old since these domains have earned its trust in major search engine and will make your SEO job much easier. You can check domain age by querying whois at

Check Alexa rankings, Backlinks and Traffic details

Check Alexa rankings, Backlinks and Traffic details

Site with tons of backlinks is extremely good. It really help your search engine result ranking since backlinks is one of the most important element in SEO. There are many online tool to check backlinks and popularity but we would love to recommend you

Check Alexa rankings, Backlinks and Traffic details

It will list up all the details like Alexa ranking, estimates backlinks and traffic details for the domains. If you need more details about Alexa rankings or Yahoo backlinks, you can just click “Details” button and you will be automatically redirect to specific corresponding page.

Finally, we do hope that you will get some basic ideas on how to important to check and evaluate before making your first step in buying website. If you have useful website evaluation tips, feel free to drop us your comments.

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