Web Design Elements for Healthcare Industry Websites

This simple exercise will help you stay on track and quickly meet expectations.

Just thinking that any good looking website design would help sales convert in the medical or healthcare niche is plainly wrong. There is no doubt that a healthcare site needs to look beautiful. However, the focus should remain on intuitiveness without any unnecessary clutter or confusion. The smaller changes at different places can go a long way in making a healthcare industry website more attractive and commercially lucrative.

For example, the use of unique design elements like beautiful buttons would make the site eye-catching. Make sure to show the website to the concerned healthcare professionals before it goes live. This simple exercise will help you stay on track and quickly meet expectations.

Remain Consistent

One of the most common mistakes that web designers of healthcare industry websites make is using different color combinations at various places of the website. Website designers try to make the site look too good by using many different font families.

Do not fall into this trap of trying too many things. You may think it will make your site look cool. However, the idea should be to make the site more accessible for the visitors to understand the information given on it.

Importance of Call to Action

Never underestimate the consequences of wrongly placing the call to action items on your site. Or worse, not placing any call-to-action item at all. For example, if you are creating a medical billing services site or a company that sells medical billing software, but no call to action, you are in trouble.

Imagine if you can get web traffic to your site, how the clients will be able to get in touch. Therefore, always provide ways for the customers to get in touch with you.

Add a Blog

The blog is not something to mess around with. Content alone will not be able to make much of a difference unless the design is inviting for the readers. Therefore, take time to consider adding a beautifully designed blog. It is essential that you make the blog easy to access by including its link in the main navigation.

Secondly, add pagination so that it becomes easy for you to manage all the content. If there is no pagination, it will result in too much information on one page, severely increasing page load speed times and creating other issues. Also, it will make the content look cluttered and providing a poor user experience to the site’s visitors.

Try using a readymade CMS like WordPress that takes care of many issues which are otherwise difficult to handle in custom-made content management systems.

Key Product or Service Pages

One of the reasons why we create services or products page is to let customers know what we offer. However, that cannot be possible when a product or service page has poor design aesthetics. Even if you stuff all the relevant keywords and generate organic traffic, chunks of text on any page won’t retain visitors’ attention for more extended periods of time.

For example, if you want to offer medical billing software, its page must include the relevant images, header tags, and properly structured text. Each piece of information must be visible and easily scrollable for the eye. Only a simplistic approach to a product or service page will help increase online conversions.

Website Security

Users are overly concerned about their online security. Some browsers just do not open sites that have security issues. Even if you try using an SSL certificate for free, it may have validation errors across different browsers.

Therefore, use a paid SSL certificate for your website. You will have two main benefits of using SSL on your healthcare industry site. One is that the users will feel more secure when browsing through the site. Secondly, the users would be able to send and receive information in a highly secure manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

In many treatments, patients have a lot of questions to ask. If your site is not able to answer them, there are chances the visitor will go to some other website to find answers to those questions. However, if there are too many questions, the information can become overwhelming for the reader. Therefore, you need to create collapsible boxes of text with headings.

The visitor can click on one question to read its answer, and upon clicking any other question, the previous question’s answer collapses. It is a simplistic way of keeping the reader interested using a smart design element for the website visitor.

Mobile Responsiveness

The April 2015 update by Google made it mandatory for all sites to have a mobile version. Therefore, make sure that your website does have a mobile responsive version too. Besides SEO, there are so many other reasons you need to have a mobile responsive site. The most important reason is that a lot of users access websites on their smartphones.

However, changing a desktop site into mobile responsive one comes with its challenges. You have to sacrifice many design elements when creating such version. Therefore, you must only retain those elements which are essential for the users. Try excluding any other items which may not be necessary or do not add any value to the end user experience.

If you want to hire a company to create a mobile responsive version of your healthcare site, always ask if the company has prior experience in such transformations.


Testimonials have become increasingly more critical for the healthcare industry. People do not believe what they don’t see or read. Video testimonials are the best and should be added from the most satisfied patients of a hospital.

If you cannot add video testimonials, consider including imagery showing the before and after effect of a treatment. One such example is showcasing the results of liposuction before and after the surgery.

There can be many ways in which you can convince the prospective patients that they can trust you with their healthcare.


Take the time to understand the niche you wish to target within the healthcare industry. There is a broad spectrum of different fields within the healthcare industry. Try seeing the top sites in the niche to under how you need to create a website within the healthcare industry. You will get a fair idea about the design elements used, audiences’ expectations, and best ways to engage the targeted visitors.

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