Ways to Generate More Mortgage Leads

In order to close more loans, you need a healthy supply of fresh mortgage leads flowing into your sales pipeline on a regular basis. How do you get those leads? Below are a few great ways to open the tap.

1. Traditional Networking

Getting your name and business out there is essential. After all, if potential borrowers do not know about your services, they’ll go somewhere else. Join a local business networking group, participate in the local Chamber of Commerce, volunteer for causes you believe in, and have plenty of business cards on hand.

2. Referral Prospecting

Regularly ask people for referrals. Satisfied borrowers will be happy to spread the word, but they may not think to do so on their own so ask them. You may also want to put a tag line on your email signature file expressing how important referrals are to your business. Whenever someone refers someone else to you, make sure to express your appreciation promptly.

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3. Build Relationships with Real Estate Agents and Remodeling Contractors

Two of the biggest potential sources of referrals are real estate agents and remodeling contractors. In short, many of their clients need financing!

4. Purchase Mortgage Leads

Many online companies exist specifically to generate mortgage leads that they turn around and sell to lenders. Buying exclusive, fresh leads generated in real-time (and then contacting them immediately) is ideal. This ensures that the leads have an immediate need and are not weary from having been flooded with sales calls.

5. Use an “ePortal” for Generating More Mortgage Leads

Another option is to build your own online mortgage lead generation portal. “EPortals” go beyond the basic “contact us” form. They can generate instant quotes based on the borrower’s specific mortgage needs and current interest rates.

In addition, ePortals can be created for your company and then shared with real estate agents and contractors with whom you have built strong relationships. These referral sources can place your ePortal on their websites as a service to their clients – and refer business to you at the same time. Everyone wins from the referral source to the client to your company.

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