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Looking for video converter for Mac? Still looking? Well, your search ends here. Although Mac is one of the most wonderful creature in the computing world, I can’t denied that in few critical point; most of the time, there are less good software compared to PC.

I have to admit that. Lets take Notepad++ for example. Do you able to find any good and free text/code editor which in par with Notepad++? Do let me know then. I would like to try your recommendations. Well, they have good ones to be honest, but unfortunately, it is no free.

Movavi Video Converter Mac

Nevertheless, similar situation happened to video converter. It is a hectic job finding a good video converter for Mac. Previously, I do came across several online video converter which works and the quality is not bad as well. But, the waiting time and usage limit is the most annoying invention that I have ever seen. They only allowed you to convert your maximum two files. That is not ideal either. Until, I came into this, Movavi Video Converter; when searching for Mov to Avi video converter on Google.

Guess what? the software is not free as well but I can’t resist to not having this. The conversion was so damn fast and you can just select the output based on specific device or video format. The smart output presets option is really time savers. Within a clicks, your video output will be adjust accordingly. Now, video converting is no longer a problem. Trial version is available below.

Download Movavi Video Converter

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