Top Ways to Use Paid Advertising for Affiliate Marketing

The key to making money with affiliate marketing is to quickly find out which products people are already looking for and then to help them find the products that meet their needs. Research can help you develop a very good idea about what products people are looking for, but research is always looking backwards. Your research will tell you what products people have been buying, but not necessarily what products they will buy tomorrow.

If you have the money or the credit, the most effective way to quickly determine whether a product will be profitable for you as an affiliate marketer is to use paid advertising. Paid advertising can help you to quickly concentrate your efforts on products and offers which will make you the most profit.

Top Ways to Use Paid Advertising for Affiliate MarketingCredit

Start with Search Engine Paid Advertising

Most people today start their search on the internet for the products they want to buy. Every major search engine sells advertising which shows up on the pages with their search results. Paid search engine advertising is a great way to get your product and service offers exposed to the buying public as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once you have done your basic research to locate which products you want to test, you can easily send several hundred potential buyers to those products very quickly. At that point, you will know whether or not that particular product will sell. You won’t have to spend months building up website traffic only to find out that the product you found which looked so great just doesn’t sell.

Selling Profitable Product

As an affiliate marketer, you want to make sure that you are spending your time working on selling products that people are already willing to buy. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to. Paid advertising lets you concentrate on products which sell easily, not products which require a great deal of convincing to sell.

Making use of paid advertising allows you to test more products more quickly and to know whether those products will sell or not. You could research until your brain hurts and double check every number, but you never really know what products will work for you until you present them to living, breathing, present day buyers. Once you know a product will sell well, spending all the time necessary to build an authority website becomes much more productive.

Build Email Marketing Lists

In some areas, buyers tend to purchase many related products over time. For example, people interested in fitness don’t just buy one item and quit. They usually purchase many different items over time. One of the most effective methods of making repeat sales to these people is to stay in touch with them. Paid search advertising can be used to quickly build email marketing lists.

Once you determine that a product sells when presented to buyers, your next goal is to maintain contact with those buyers in order to make repeat sales. Paid advertising is an excellent way to drive potential buyers to websites where you provide them with information they are looking for while gathering their email addresses for further contact. Keep providing them with good information and they will keep reading your emails and buying the products you guide them to.


Not everyone has the financial means to use paid search advertising from start. However, if you do there is no faster way to turn affiliate marketing into a thriving business with a list of ongoing customers – a business with a real market value.

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