Top Sites All Designers Must Know About

Always on the lookout for great designer blogs? Whether for tips, tricks, techniques and inspiration, the best sites for designers are all about one thing: art, the making of it and showing of it.

Here are a few of these wonderful sites:

1. Carbonmade

This is one of the best out there in terms of portfolio sites. Pick one of two account types: free and paid. The limited option only allows for 5 projects to be uploaded, along with a total of 35 images. If you think that’s plenty for you, great. If you want more though, consider going for the paid account. With a flexible and easy to use interface, this is definitely one of the most appealing choices for online portfolios out there.

2. DeviantArt

Networking is at the heart of this art community. Post your work and wait for the page views. You won’t just gain loyal followers, you might even get to meet like-minds. A supportive community is often crucial to the creative process, especially for young artists still trying to make it into the industry.

This is an easy way for you to get feedback on your work. With as much as a million page views per month, DeviantArt offers you and your art phenomenal reach.

3. DesignHill

A design platform for clients and designers, it offers a gallery portion where designers can display their work portfolios. From card and logo design to sticker design—along with a whole host of other professional design services—it allows for a very diverse creative talent pool, which makes Designhill the perfect design website for designers. It also means greater variety of available skills for clients.

An upcoming section for the Logo Store is in the works. Great freebie in the form of design consultations offered at no cost to clients.

4. Portfolio Lounge

Customization is great with this portfolio site. It offers three types of packages. There’s the free account, pro and max. All three portfolio types offer visiting tracking features along with a custom domain. As for coding concerns, you can rest easy. No coding knowledge needed so that’s a major plus for non-coding graphic artists.

5. Sliding Boxes

Want a more creative way to present your portfolio? This is a wonderfully interactive site. From effects and transitions to a multitude of colors that allow you to express the full range of your style, it’s certainly dramatic and perfect for artists.

There are no coding skills needed and publishing your portfolio only takes a few minutes. Among other features included are plenty of themes and fonts and an HTML5 image uploader for speedy image uploads.

6. Viewbook

Another site to show your designs, it’s got easy to customize designs as well as colors and fonts. With this one, you’re sure to find just the right combination of elements to turn your work into a winning portfolio.

7. Unsplash

One of the jobs designers have is to find images they can use. That’s the need Unsplash meets—it’s a handy photo and graphics site with beautiful images. There’s nary a single awful stock photo in this one.

8. Gratisography

This is another great source of images. From quirky to dramatic to resonant, the onsite photos are all offered in Hi-Res versions. Subscribe for more updates. There are ten free photos available daily so there’s something to look forward to every day.

9. Photo Morgue

This is a great photo search engine. The many stock photos offered for free makes it a favorite of designers everywhere. The term morgue file is common to the newspaper industry and refers to the file that contains past issues. The site brands itself as the Internet’s morgueFile.

10. Icon Monstr

This is icon-heaven for icon-crazy designers. A feature that allows you to pick whichever color you want your download to have makes for a very handy and convenient online tool. It’s incredibly easy to use as well. Everything is just seamless and handy all around.

11. Subtle Patterns

Ideal for use as background patterns, the site offers top notch subtle patterns that run to more than 300 picks. None of the tilable textured pattern designs come on too strong, which makes them just right for backgrounds.

12. Colour Lovers

Having a hard time picking out the right color combinations for the banner ad or brochure you’re working on? No worries. This site gives you more than a million palettes to work with. Also onsite are inspirations, tips and trends, making it a great tool and resource for designers.

13. Smashing Magazine

This is one great site for web design professionals. Great for advanced creative professionals, it might prove a bit daunting for first-timers, in terms of the choice in topics. The site offers plenty of beautiful wallpapers for free and has a big ebook library.

There are plenty more awesome sites out there, well-loved by—and popular to— many designers all over. These are just a drop in the bucket. So go ahead and explore more!

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