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WordPress users will agree with me that when it comes to uploading images and formatting text, WordPress isn’t the best blogging platform. In fact, any new CMS, with WYSIWYG editing capabilities, doesn’t come near desktop applications, which were once used.

One would naturally assume that since Google has ventured into every possible area related to internet and internet marketing, they might have some thought to develop a blogging client for desperate bloggers, but that’s not the case.

Up till now, there is no news of any desktop or even a web based blogging platform to be released by Google. Hopefully, Google and other internet giants will hear our plea and launch an all encompassing blogging client.

So I am naturally inclined to share the two most responsive and efficient, also free, desktop blogging clients.


Download BlogDesk

The first notable blogging client is BlogDesk, a free, simple, user friendly but, sadly, somewhat limited featured client. What it lacks is a solid support for pasting text in places with HTML markup, a big bummer for many bloggers as its one of the most widely used blogging method.

Besides, if you want to add style to your writing, then BlogDesk is not for you, as it lacks support for creating style for headings.

Live Writer

Live Writer
Download Live Writer

The other member of my recommended list is Live Writer, a solid, well designed desktop client which also supports WordPress integration. It supports pasting links, images, entering headings, formatting and even the functionality of managing multiple blogs. All this and more is offered with a good spelling support. Additionally, bloggers get to download themes from their blogs, so they can test the look and feel of their entries on the client offline.

If you haven’t tried any of these, then this is the time to get your hands on them. You won’t regret switching to desktop blogging tools as their performance and reliability is unmatched, at least for now.

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