Tips On How To Use Google Webmaster Tools The Right Way

The following are some of the Google Webmaster tips that will go a long way in helping you utilize the power of Google.

SEO has emerged as one of the most powerful marketing tools in the current 21st century, whether it be online or offline.

The need to ensure that your SEO strategy is working is extremely important and with Google webmaster tools, it is possible to monitor all of your SEO efforts closely and ensure that your SEO strategy is indeed working.

Google webmaster tools is a set of important tools that can help you track results of your SEO efforts and allows you to make necessary changes to maintain your path of success.

Although the effective capacity of the Google webmaster tools is very high, not many webmasters have been able to make the most out of them.

The following are some of the major tips that will go a long way in helping you utilize the power of Google webmaster towards total success in your SEO campaign.

Google Webmaster Tools

Make Good Use of Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

The best thing about Google webmaster tools is that they will always offer you a list of URLs which have an error or problem in their Meta descriptions and also their title tags.

In most cases the URLs are identified on the basis of duplication yet even so, the webmaster tools will also identify URLs with Meta description and title tags that are either too short or even too long.

The basic reason why this information is very important to a webmaster is based on the fact that, duplicated or too long or short Meta descriptions or title tags can have a very bad negative effect on the ranking of your site.

Each Meta description should be targeted specifically to each page of you website and duplicates are not needed.

With Google webmaster tools, you can detect and correct this error.

Interpret and Use Crawl Stats

The crawl stats are simply designed to offer any webmasters a detailed analysis of Google crawl activity in a period of three months.

There are three important reports that feature in the crawl stats section under diagnostics.

To start with, the first report indicates all the pages crawled per day and this is very important in understanding the progress you are making in your search engine optimization campaign.

When the graph is going up on a steady trend, then the progress is good. If it’s otherwise, something needs to be done.

The other report under the crawl stats is the one indicating the kilobytes crawled everyday and just like the pages crawled per day, the graph should be on an upward trajectory.

Finally, you will get a report that analyses and indicates the total time spent in downloading a page.

If it takes far too long to load a page on your site, then there is a problem somewhere and in most cases it is always with the server. With all these three reports, you can monitor your progress easily.

Identify Top Search Queries with the Tools

 Google web master tools can also help you identify top search queries and even though you can use other tools such as Google analytics to do this, the webmaster tools will provide you with the search position based on the query.

In that case, it will be easy for you to look at your search positions based on the queries you are using for SEO.

Understanding the best performing keywords will simply give you an opportunity to focus a lot more efforts on the top performing keywords and push them further.

This will in turn build a good SEO strategy for your website

Analyze the Site Links

Many webmasters tend to include links under their own Google site linking and although you are free to determine the number of links you want under your listing, it is important to know and remove the links which you actually don’t need.

With Google webmaster tools and an Expert SEO Consultants it is possible to identify this links and get rid of them easily. This will help improve your search positions substantially.

Identify the “404 Not Found” Errors & URLs

Google webmaster tools can also help you identify URLs which return a “404 not found” error when clicked.

For many people visiting sites for information, clicking links that lead nowhere is very frustrating and it is important for you as a webmaster or SEO consultant to make sure that all the links to your website lead somewhere.

With the Google webmaster tools, you can identify these links and make the necessary changes. This will not only help you improve your SEO but also it will go a long way in increasing the usability level of your website.

In most cases the erroneous URLs are of sites linked to your website but are no longer in place or existent.

With these tools, making the most out of Google webmaster tools is indeed easy and possible.

Although these are just a few tools, the fact is they will go a long way in improving your SEO strategy.

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