Tips for Making Your Site Content More Profitable

You probably already know what pages on your website perform the best. However, an easy way to increase the profitability of a website is to increase the visibility of these pages. You may be asking why at this point—well it’s simple: the top performing pages are not necessarily those at the top of the tree.

So if you boost the visibility of your best pages and make them easier to find for visitors who are already on your site, it stands to reason that your profits will increase.

Web Content Tips

Boost Top Content Higher up the Tree

Top performing pages, or in other words, pages that consistently have a high number of conversions, are not necessarily high up the tree in a website’s structure. Deeper analysis of website traffic may tell you that the majority of people who land on these pages get there via organic searches. This is great; but think what a difference it would make if you made these pages easy to find for visitors who are already on your site?

For example, if you sell pet food, it could be that a particular brand of dog food consistently performs brilliantly in terms of sales. But for a customer to find the brand from the home page, they would need to click down through several pages to get there.

By creating a direct link to the page from the home page, search engines and visitors will end up on the page faster. Why? Top content is viewed as more valuable, and therefore it will feature higher on search queries. The pages will also be crawled more often by spiders, which again improves rankings.

Feature Top Content On High Traffic Pages

A second way to boost the profitability of top content is to link it to high traffic pages. To find out which pages enjoy the most traffic, use Google Analytics. You may find that an information page on how to choose the right food for your dog is pretty popular with visitors arriving via an organic search query, so to boost conversions, create a banner, special offer or pop-up box on the page to increase exposure of the relevant page.

Alternatively, add a link to the sidebar so it is presented across the whole site, including high traffic pages.

The Benefits of Contextual Links

In-line links are very useful. They help to boost profitability by increasing exposure to pages with the best content. There are several ways you could make the most of contextual links, but in general it is important not to overdo things or you run the risk of annoying visitors.

Always place in-line links in the right context, so that a link makes sense to the person reading the text. Do not insert links to completely irrelevant pages, no matter how profitable they currently are. Choose top content links that are helpful and place them above the fold to increase click through rates.

The aim of the game should always be about improving the user experience, so bear this in mind when making any changes to your website.

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