Tips for Gas Safety

There are many different things a person can do to ensure theirs and their family’s safety within the household where gas systems are concerned.

First of all making sure the installation process is performed by a qualified engineer and not by somebody unqualified is vitally important. Having somebody incompetent fitting your gas system would put a household at great risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is not visible however it can have fatal results should this situation arise. Any engineer employed to do this job should be registered on the gas safety register in which they will have an identification card proving this.

When moving out of one house to another, it is a good idea to check the gas is working efficiently in the home you are leaving for somebody else to move into. Also, when moving into a new home it is vital that the new homeowner checks the gas system they are moving into. This would ensure the individual or family’s safety and also could save on further costs later on down the line. Having regular checks on gas systems annually is good in maintaining a safe fully working system.

Tips for Gas Safety
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Carbon Monoxide Issues

Knowing the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning is good for people to know should they suspect something is wrong with them but do not know why. Headaches, dizziness, nausea and breathlessness are all signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. These symptoms would be there when at home more so than when not at home and if the problem is shared with another member of the house, having a gas system checked is definitely important in recovery and the safety of someone’s home. To prevent this problem all together, carbon monoxide alarms are available to buy and are easy to install. They should have a British or European mark of approval on them to provide you with reliability and act as a good safety tool within the household.

Gas Warning Signs

There are many signs that indicate a gas system is not working to its full potential or is faulty. The Flame on a gas cooker should be blue and crisp. If the flame is yellow or orange that could mean a fault and a check on the cooker may be required. An increase in condensation on windows would also be a sign of faulty gas as well as an inconsistent pilot light. Any staining, black marks or soot around gas appliances would also indicate that a fault may be apparent within a gas system.

If anybody should come across these warning signs or symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, it is a good idea to turn off all gas appliances completely and also turn gas off at the meter. Fresh air may be needed in some cases with also a doctor’s visit should a person suspect poisoning of carbon monoxide. Until the gas system is repaired it is good idea not to return inside the house until emergency attention has been done to the gas system on the property.

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