Time Travel Science Fiction Story: Some Highly Recommended Novels for You

For many who have watched movies like the Back to the Future series, the idea of going back through time either to visit the past or get a peek of the future is a truly titillating prospect.

It’s the idea of being able to affect the present by changing certain past events or knowing what lies ahead that makes academics, young people, and common folks hooked into such geeky stuff as time travel science fiction story.

Riddle of The Red Bible

Taking this into consideration, I have come up with a list of some of the best sci-fi novels that deal specifically with time travel. These are novels that particularly influenced my own writing career and have helped me as I was writing my own time travel novel.

Here’s my list:

The Time Machine

This 1895 novel by HG Wells has inspired a major Hollywood motion picture and was considered a classic.

The beauty of this novel is that aside from its pioneering take on the prospect of travelling through the distant future using a time machine is that it is also a political piece.

It has loads of social commentaries that nearly made it a political novel. Nonetheless, it is quite a literary achievement in the field of science fiction.

A Wrinkle in Time

Many critics regard this novel as the finest written for children. Author Madeleine L’Engle cleverly combined religion, science fiction, and theology to forge a plot that is utterly captivating.

It’s a tale about a daughter’s quest to find her father using time and space travel as a means.


Written by literary genius Kurt Vonnegut, this time travel novel involves alien abduction and the tragic stories of World War II.

Known as a writer with uncanny style, Vonnegut fused absurdist approach with chilling historical facts that ultimately make for an engaging read.

The Time Traveler’s Wife

For those who believe in the power of love, this novel by Audrey Niffenegger will surely be a great read.

The novel tells the story of two people who were brought together by fate despite living in two different times.

This debut novel is as poignant as a cinematic masterpiece and the author’s brilliant storytelling will make you experience the protagonists’ adventures inside your mind.


A bestselling novel from author Michael Crichton, Timeline tells the story of a group of historians who were employed by a tech-billionaire to rescue another historian who was in the year 1357.

There, the clueless saviors had to battle their way through medieval risk-traps in the hope of going back to the present time alive and in one piece.

The Anubis Gates

Tim Powers’ novel is a brilliant adventure piece that takes readers back to 1810, and introduces them to Samuel Taylor Coleridge and a tourist guide to time-travellers, Brendan Doyle.

Doyle was ultimately thrust into a sinister world where Egyptian sorcerers, warring beggar groups, and necromancy are at play.

This list is in no way a definitive one, but it should give anyone with interest in time travel and science fiction a truly marvellous time. How about your own list?

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