Three Ideas to Expand Your Customer Base

Once you’ve established your eCommerce store, you should devise a strategy of how to continue to attract new customers and enhance initiatives to keep your business current and interesting.

Instead of just letting your merchandise or content speak for you, try to engage your users with the product, whether that happens to something intangible, like design, a type of merchandise, or works of art.

There are a variety of ways to attract visitors to your store beyond a simple transaction. Here are a few ideas of how to engage your customers in ways that will strengthen your brand.

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1. Create a Blog

Creating a blog related to your industry and integrated into your eCommerce website is a great way to provide content and personality to visitors.

For example, if you specialise in vintage clothing, it’s much more interesting to visit an online store that offers both actual merchandise and actual content that focuses on style.

Blog topics create a context for your merchandise to exist within, even if it’s not directly related. Posting an article about the history of polka dots, for example, is something that will interest your readers and keep them returning to your website.

2. Using Product as Content

You can go one step further and use your product as content as well. Most free website templates will have ways to immediately integrate your social networking sites.

eCommerce website designers will assume that any online business will at least have a Facebook page, and linking it directly to your store is easy. Putting up a Facebook icon that invites users to “like” your business on Facebook is something most websites boast.

However, rather than simply trying to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page, utilize your product as content. Don’t just assume your customers will care enough to like you on Facebook. Instead, give them a reason to do so.

If your business specializes in books, for example, post a quote from the latest publication on your social media sites. This will attract people to see what you’re all about and engage them on a creative level than simply encouraging people to buy your product.

3. The Importance of Mobile

You need a mobile version of your eCommerce store. It’s an inevitable fact, especially considering that more than a third of visits to the most popular eCommerce websites on the Internet are accessed exclusively with mobile devices, according to

A mobile version of your website converts all of your content and storefront into a mobile device-friendly layout, and allows users to browse easily.

Due to the increase in demand for mobile websites, and especially in the world of eCommerce where the mobile web is becoming more and more essential to the shopping experience, it’s usually relatively simple to acquire a mobile version of your store.


However, some things to look out for are how the mobile version of your website connects with your regular website. Is the content updated simultaneously?

You should be able to make updates to your website, and have them immediately synced with your mobile site, rather than having two update twice.

Do your own research and experiment with how your website looks on different devices, including iPhone, Android and any type of tablet device.

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