The Best Analytics Tools for Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest has become more than just a social networking site; it has also become a vital part of social media campaigning amongst Internet marketers. In fact, since 2012, it has been driving serious traffic for some major brands, more than Google+, LinkedIn, and MySpace combined! With more than 10.4 million registered users as of last year, Pinterest users have grown since then, and show no signs of going on a sudden halt.

Obviously, in order to have great success in establishing and maintaining online presence using Pinterest, fresh and relevant content is essential. Also, measuring the activity and the relevancy of the posts must be done with the use of analytics tools. Every brand trying to establish an online presence using Pinterest and keep track of their progress must take advantage of any of the following free analytics tools:

Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest already had its own web analytics tool, which was first launched earlier last month. The basic site metrics from this tool measures the number of pins, pinners and repins from the brand’s website, impressions and reach, the amount of visitors and clicks to the website from the Pinterest account, and the number of re-pinners.

One of the highlights of this analytics tool is that it provides the marketer with the most repined and most clicked pins from the brand’s website. This means that such content is the best and the most favorite among the website’s visitors.



Repinly is another free Pinterest analytics tool that provides brands information about which pins are the most popular. Using this tool, one can take a look at not only the most popular pins, but also the most popular boards and pinners. Pins, boards, and pinners can be sorted out by category. Also, Repinly provides the Pinterest user the ability to create search columns that would help show either the most popular pins in a specific category or the most recent pins that go along with a certain search criteria.

Those who are starting to find their way online with the use of Pinterest can take advantage of this free analytics tool as this provides them the type of content that users consistently pin and repin. Knowing which content is popular will lead to more followers, which would then create trust among the consumers and would eventually establish referrals to the brand website.



What separates this free Pinterest analytics tool from the previous two mentioned above is that it provides brands the ability to make scheduled pins on the websites within a time interval. Too much promotion using Pinterest can be just too much for the followers of a certain brand, which is why this analytics tool is a must-have.

But then, Pingraphy can only provide limited information with regard to the analytics. Up to 20 recent pins can be viewed; showing the number of repins, likes and comments. Boards can be sorted out either alphabetically or by the number of pins, repins, likes, or comments. The only setback with the use of this tool is that it cannot be able to sort out boards by how many people follow them on the brand’s website.

Any of these three analytics tools can be used for every brand that uses Pinterest, depending on their preference. Want to use a tool to know which content is the most popular? Repinly is the tool. If an Internet marketer does not have enough time, using Pingraphy is the best way to make scheduled posts. And, if one wants trends and other statistics to make sound decisions with regard to Pinterest, one can use the social networking site’s free web analytics tool.

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