The Benefits of Cloud Based Web Hosting

Cloud based web hosting is the new buzz and trend in hosting services. I believed most of my fellow webmasters would been wondering what is cloud based web hosting and how cloud computing could benefit and provide the best web hosting services? In this post, we tend to oversee and explore the benefits of cloud based web hosting.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a technology which consume both of software and hardware computing resources deliver a specific services through the network. Cloud computing are best to be known as one of a great solution to reduce infrastructure cost by only offering the services for the enterprise clients. Thus, customers would not have to worry about the upfront and maintenance infrastructure cost to provide the sufficient IT working environment as everything was been setup by the provider in multiple different location

The Benefits of Cloud Based Web Hosting

What is Cloud Based Web Hosting?

Cloud based web hosting is a services which utilize cloud computing concept to provide web hosting services from virtual multiple connected server which are accessible through internet connection in contrast with current traditional web hosting services which only relied to a dedicated or shared server.

The Benefits of Cloud Based Web Hosting

Since cloud based web hosting service utilized cloud computing concept, all opportunity and potential offers by cloud will follows.

Reliability and Availability

These two factors is the most common issues and serious threat in traditional web hosting. However, in cloud based web hosting, reliability and availability will be no longer an issue. Since the services was hosted on several different connected servers, web hosting will enjoy the benefits of having more stable and secure infrastructure in providing high level of reliability and availability services.


As mentioned above, cloud computing could effectively reduce the infrastructure cost by specifically define what you really need for service which are based on pay per use or through specific service subscription.

Hassle Free

No more physical setup or configuration needed on-premise. What you will need to do is to find out your server and business requirement and then choose the most suitable service plan available.

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