The Basic of Jewelry Photography

The Basic of Jewelry Photography

Here is the basic key points that you might want to consider before driving into Jewelry Photography.

Photography in a general sense is a wonderful art which helps in portraying one’s creativity and style in terms of pixels and resolutions.

We have photography in several fields such as animal photography, industrial photography, instrumentation photography, three dimensional photography, natural photography and jewelry photography.

It is undoubtedly an art to glorify or colorize an object which is normal in its characteristics. It needs a lot of skill and acumen to visualize and impart the right ideas to do the same. Considering the jewelry photography, photographers use various skills to emphasize the texture of the jewelry.

In a normal case, photographers use complete lighting equipment to ward off the shadows and give more glare on the object of concern.

The Basic of Jewelry Photography

There are also some techniques which are used in jewelry photography to diagonally give brightness and contrast for the object in concern. There are also special stone and jewelry bulbs being used in the camera to colorize the object.

For example in case of diamond jewelries, photographers use diamond dazzler bulbs which are a part of the jewelry photography cameras which typically focus on the shiny part of the diamond jewelry and emphasize on the sharp parts.

It is mainly because of these techniques, the jewelry looks so very dazzling and attractive in the posters.

The Basic of Jewelry Photography

The Basic of Jewelry Photography

What do you really need for Jewelry Photography?

Here is the basic equipment that you might want to consider before driving into Jewelry Photography

1. Lighting Studio Kit
Sunpak 620-EBOX Portable Mini Studio in a Box
Lighting setup can be considered as one of the most important element in professional jewelry photography. It is normal to see the reflective from surrounding images within your photograph.

This is when lighting box was needed to avoid or completely kill the reflective images when photographing jewelry.

2. Camera with Full Manual Control
Nikon D3x 24.5MP

3. Macro Lenses for Best Result
Nikon 105mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor Lens

Use macro lenses for better result in photographing jewelry. These lenses were specifically designed for close up and capturing details. For photographers, jewelry photography is an excellent field to shine and showcase the skills.


With a right backdrop and the right imagination of colors, the jewelry might be made the best attractive one and precious. Some of the key characteristics of the jewelry photography are the exposure, brightness, color, lighting, sparkles etc.

There is also a separate feature in the camera called spot focus mode which is normally used in jewelry photography to emphasize on the sharp edges of the ornaments.

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