Technological Advancement to Get Lighting Control

Technological advancement has made it easy for man to live a luxurious life. Light is no doubt one of the greatest creations of science. Light requires energy source to work with. So the driving force of light is electricity in the modern world. Saving energy is a hot issue all around the world. In the view of all this, saving light is indirectly talking about the saving of energy resources for the future coming generations. There are many companies that are working on how to save energy and getting control over the use of light. Due to this, one can see many products that are available in the market intended to get lighting control.

Lighting control is now much easier than ever before. Currently there are special buttons that are designed to control it at your finger tips. Similarly dimmers are manufactured that can dim the light when you are requiring a low intensity of light. By lowering the intensity of light, one can save energy. Another important aspect that cannot be overlooked is that by saving energy and getting lighting control at your fingertips you are also saving a lot of money that can be spent for other productive purposes.

Automated Lighting Control
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Automated Lighting Control

The automated lighting control phenomenon is gaining popularity now days. In this, lighting is controlled with pre-set settings so as to save energy and money. There are certain programs and settings to get lighting control. These are;

  • Alarms
  • Photocells
  • Chronological period
  • Astronomical Period
  • Occupancy sensors


These are the devices, when they start to ring, the lights may get turned off or turned on. This depends on the setting of the program. One can witness this system in large buildings or hotels.


These cells are helpful in lighting control in a way that these are responsive to the availability of day light. This functions in a manner, that, when the daylight starts getting less, photocells sends command to the system to switch on the electric light. These can be useful in public parks or in gardens of home.

Chronological Period

In this, the time can be set in such a way that for how much time the electric light has to turned on and turned off. By this there is no need for switching off or on the light manually.

Astronomical Period

In this system, the lighting control is scheduled according to the sunrise or sunset time. Similarly, there is no need to manually control the light.

Occupancy Sensors

These are special type of sensors that are useful in lighting control. They sense the presence of occupancy of room or presence of people in the room and according to that they control the lighting.

So these are some useful methods of getting lighting control in the desired place. Although one has to bear the cost of buying any of this system, but in future it can save money and energy.

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