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Take Your Business to the Next Level with AIMcrm CRM Software

The best part about the AIMcrm CRM Software is that it saves a lot of time for the sales team by managing every lead on its own.

Starting a business and taking it to new heights is not an easy task. It entails lots of hard work and dedication. However, with AIMcrm CRM software, users can put their worries to rest since it is capable to manage any business.

AIMcrm has given a new meaning to the lead management and marketing automation. Being in the market for around ten years, AIMcrm has showed the world how business can be effectively managed, while satisfying not just the customers but easing the work load of the sales teams as well.

Integrated CRM Lead Management Software

Take Your Business to the Next Level with AIMcrm CRM Software

The integrated CRM lead management software with marketing automation incorporates every tool, one would ever need to administer and manage almost anything necessary for business growth.

The best part about the AIMcrm is that it saves a lot of time for the sales team by managing every lead on its own and directing them to the ones that are genuinely profitable for the business.

This, in turn, saves them squandering away time looking for profitable leads.

AIMcrm Analytical Features

AIMcrm Analytical Features

While there are a lot of features of AIMcrm that have helped proprietors in running their businesses effectively, following are a few distinctive features:

  • Web visitor analytics.
  • Phone tracking and routing feature.
  • POP3 email integration.
  • Lead vendor integration.
  • Web integration.
  • Ad-hoc custom reports.

The feature that sets AIMcrm apart from the rest of any related software is the way it tracks leads. This tracking feature helps users take their business to a new level.

Gone is the time when one had to collect data from everywhere and then analyze where exactly the fault lies. With AIMcrm, users get info at every point. This way they can pinpoint which areas need more attention.

Lead Management

Aside from this, the software also sends notifications to not just the sales leads, but to the clients and the staff automatically as well to keep them updated.

Plus, it helps in keeping a keen eye on them in order to separate the important ones and to let the sales team know about them. This consequently, saves them time which would have gone to waste following bogus leads otherwise.

Keeping an eye on employees is another way to make a business grow. The analytical feature of the AIMcrm software helps users keep a track of the staff as well to make sure they are working dedicatedly.

CRM Software can assist the proprietors in knowing the number of leads processed, number of leads ignored, sales volume, idle time spent, calls taken and made etc. This data is of utmost importance for managers who need to manage remote workforces.

Comprehensive Reports

AIMcrm Reports

In this highly competitive era, a large number of companies like insurance firms, consulting companies, healthcare and real estate businesses etc. are taking advantage of this extremely beneficial lead management and marketing automation software to handle and manage business matters efficiently.

AIMcrm financial report offers information regarding: ROI, return on advertising spent, cost per acquisition, revenue, expense and profit. AIMcrm analytic package also offers real-time data mining presenting in-depth report of different market segments.

Web analytics feature offers businesses web-generated leads thus providing thorough information of a client. The report usually contains financial, sales metrics and web metrics along with data like, browsing path, referrer, number of page views, and repeat visits.

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