Style Your Home with these Creative Ceiling Design Ideas

What do you feel when you look at your ceiling? Does it seems just white and flat that brings no interest for your rooms? Although we take a lot of steps to decorate our homes interior but often we skip designing our ceilings that can give our home an extra fantastic look!

And there are a lot of classic styles from where you will get your ideal choice. Let’s see some fabulous ceiling designs here for the living room, dining space, bedroom or even kitchen that can make a dazzling appearance for your home.

Cool Contemporary Interiors with Recessed Ceiling

recessed ceiling design - Style Your Home with these Creative Ceiling Design Ideas - 1

by Creative Space Architectural Design

While you are deciding your ceiling design think about available space, the walls décor and the overall looks of your rooms as there are so many patterns and colors can be found.

As we can see having a perfect match with this room the recessed ceiling design gives a classic feeling combining with the walls decor. You can be creative with lighting arrangements that could add more interest to your home!

Elegant Patterns Can Give an Immaculate Appearance

Immaculate Appearance Ceiling Design

by S. A. Baxter Inc.

Such a big ceiling without any decor would look just too plain. Has nothing a unique tone in that, right? But while decorating with a modern patterns, it can give your home a fantastic appearance. With varieties of design and styles, you can also incorporate LED pot lights with your interior that can bring a gorgeous look just as we can see here in this living room design.

If you like pendant lights or chandeliers, those can be a perfect match with your ceiling as well. Just go with your choice that can have a stylish contrast and make your dream comes true.

Tasteful Cathedral Ceiling Brings this Bedroom to Life

Tasteful Cathedral Ceiling Design

by V.I. Design

Most of the homeowners nowadays choose custom-designed beams as they make an interesting variation of the rooms. Cathedral patterns can give your bedroom a contemporary feel that you can consider to have an immaculate appearance.

If you are on a limited budget, then these decorations can be a perfect choice for yours. Having wooden beams this ceiling creates an extremely eye catchy feeling as it combines a different color with walls. As it shows here, with creating a perfect ambiance this ceiling design turns this bedroom into a stunning look!

Eclectic Kitchen Designs with Tray Ceiling

Tray Ceiling Design

by Villa Moda

Do you want to create an inimitable interior at your home? You can go with tray ceiling! The impression of innovative design can be created with this decoration by incorporating crown moldings with it. The tray ceiling can even look smart at kitchen design as we can see here.

The color does not necessarily have to be always same as walls. Incorporating light blue color in the central portion offers an amazing contrast in this room. You can have rectangular or circular patterns to create a difference! Modern lighting arrangements can add beauty to your overall interior.

Beamed Ceiling Design Makes a House a Beautiful Interior

Beamed Ceiling Design

by Phillip Jennings Custom Homes

Those who like classic beams look can obviously be creative with beamed ceiling design! There are varieties of designs available for a classic beamed pattern that can surely match your rooms’ interior.

Also if you have already installed plain ceiling at your home, you can seamlessly incorporate it into your existing design. With choosing this style you can create different designs in your each room as we can see in this dining space and its accent living room. Adding chandeliers is a good choice as they can give an interesting tone as well!


As we can see an excellent ceiling decoration complements the room with bringing its real beauty that catches anyone’s feelings. Be creative while selecting a perfect design.

Choosing different architectural patterns for each room can be brilliant as well. It will definitely create a tasteful appearance of your entire home.

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