Start Preparing for Winter Whilst the Sun is Shining

It might seem like an odd time of year to be thinking about your heating and staying warm. Don't wait for chilly autumn evenings before testing your b

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Start Preparing for Winter Whilst the Sun is Shining

It might seem like an odd time of year to be thinking about your heating and staying warm. Don’t wait for chilly autumn evenings before testing your boiler and heating system. When the sun is shining and cold winter days are a distant memory, it can be easy to forget about the importance of reliable heating when the temperature begins to plummet. Unfortunately, leaving your boiler testing and servicing until it becomes cold enough to draw it to your attention only increases the risk of being caught out with a defective boiler. It also quite often results in a lengthy wait for repairs or replacement as everybody else will have had the idea at the same time.

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Regular Servicing Prevents Problems

Ideally, your entire heating and hot water installation should be serviced once a year. During a service, a qualified engineer will check for signs of wear and tear as well as performing various tests to check performance quality and fuel efficiency. There are a number of options for financing a service; many new systems are offered with free servicing for a few years, or there are insurance policies readily available which provide inclusive servicing, maintenance and repair. Remember to select an engineer who is on the Gas Safe Register (which replaced CORGI registration in 2011) to undertake the work.

Servicing Saves You Money

A good service engineer will quickly spot if your system is working in an inefficient manner. High energy prices mean that it’s vital that your heating system delivers maximum return for the energy used. Timely replacement of worn parts can prevent years of fuel wastage. Early warning of the need for a new boiler enables you to shop around for the best deals or investigate the possibility of free or discounted boiler replacement if you are on a limited budget. Never attempt to service your own boiler, it is against the law here in the UK and must be performed by a qualified engineer. It could also put your life at risk if don incorrectly, resulting in harmful carbon monoxide fumes filling your house amongst other threats.

Get Ready for Winter

As well as checking your heating system, there are other useful preparations which can be made to minimise the risk of cold weather emergencies and keep you snug. Ensure your property benefits from double glazing and adequate insulation. Thick winter curtains, draft excluders, extra jumpers and additional bedding can all contribute to staying warm without turning the heating up, saving energy and money. Stock up on grit and salt in case of ice and remember to ensure the car is suitably prepared for winter driving.

By beginning preparations for the colder months well in advance, you and your family can be confident of a warm, trouble free winter experience. Early planning allows you to research economical ways of securing the services you need, meaning a safe and cosy home on chilly days is possible on even the tightest budget.

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