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Nowadays, safety is the first and foremost concern for family, friends and employees. This is where Netspysoftware.com comes in for a superior 24-hour monitoring and reliable support partner. NetSpy Mobile software provides you the option to monitor the various activities done by your partner; family members or employees. Users can feel at ease as NetSpy Software is an expert in this field, as it offers the range of monitoring features and services to your mobile. It helps you to track nearly all the available applications and activities being run on any of the mobile phone.

Netspy Mobile Software

iPhone Spy

Netspysoftware offers spy software called iPhone Spy for iPhone which are able to monitor all activities on your iPhone devices from any location at any time. This iPhone Spy software provides a very simple and firm user interface plus it is also very easy and fast to install. Users only need to follow a few steps before they can use it. Once the software is installed, users many benefits from the variety of spy monitoring features offered by iPhone Spy.

iPhone Spy offers variety of feature such as SMS & MMS tracking, Gtalk & Skype spying, Phone locking, View Call Log, Photos and Video Tracking, See Travel Route and many others. In addition, with iPhone Spy, you are not only able to view call log history but you can also record the conversation as it comes with call recording function.

Another interesting feature that this software has to offer is website block features which are useful for parents to control children browsing activities. With this feature you can block or bookmark any site that you think bad or good for your child. Moreover, you can also control and block application and programs on your iPhone with a few click of a button.

Android Spy

Netspy Mobile also offers spy software for Android’s users called Android Spy. It is available to any Android phone all over the world regardless brand or company. The function and features are quite similar with the previous iPhone Spy which allow you to monitor and control any activities from your Android devices.

Android Spy also offers other useful features such as Track GPS Location, Manage Chat Messenger, Listen to Phone Surroundings, Control Text Messages and many more. For example, GPS Location and Tracking Ability. These features allow you to track all travel route of the user and see his/her current location.

Another interesting feature includes Monitor Pictures and Videos. It is a very useful featured as you may know what the user is doing and who they with are. In addition you may also record the surrounding sound to get better understanding of the situation of the users.


Both software provides a very easy and fast installation and good user interfaces. The most interesting fact is, once it is installed, Android or iPhone users will never get notice when they are being monitored. This is because, the icon will not be visible. Thus you may monitored and control the device discretely.

You can also access more type of information by using this two software compared to other monitoring software available in the market. For more information, please feel free to visit www.netspysoftware.com.

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