Seven Ways to Help Your People Succeed in Business

Although technology has enhanced our tools and provided better efficiency it is still people who are responsible for the work of businesses and its success. Businesses fail to implement the creative talents and intelligence of its people. Managers and Employers view their positions and titles as controlling instead of leading and empowering their staff. Often employees are viewed as a cost rather than capable and in effect are not used to the benefit of both the company and the employee.

People want to succeed and feel good about themselves and their work, they strive to make a difference and are more than capable of doing so when committed and engaged in their work. Highlighted below are 7 factors that managers, supervisors and employers should implement into their business to help employees feel like real partners and therefore produce better quality work.

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1. Share important Information

Employees will lack concentration and efficiency if they are not kept in the loop with vital information. How would you expect an employee to properly engage in tasks and over achieve if they are not given the correct information for that particular task. The more information an employee gets the more respected and valued they feel which will lead them to deliver better results.

2. Confront Performance Problems

Nothing disheartens workers more than co-workers who don’t pull their weight, these people demoralize other staff members as well as drag them down. A lot of manager ignore these problems and let them fester allowing them to contaminate the whole department. These staff members need to be confronted by senior managers and held accountable for their lack of productivity.

3. Give Authority

Encourage your employees to work on solving issues themselves when they occur. By helping them to solve issues they will feel like they can make a difference and will eventually make them engage in their work more and feel confident.

4. Train And Develop your employees.

By investing time and money in your employees it will benefit your business more by creating a more capable, productive and also more loyal workforce. Training does not always need to be technical training but also business, social and management training skills.

5. Implement Shared Responsibility

We all know how difficult a managers role and responsibilities can be so why not share some of those responsibilities with the staff, set some boundaries, monitor them and how well they are doing, provide training if necessary you will be surprised how well they will do when they are told to take charge of something. Why not get them involved in planning and scheduling, troubleshooting problems, setting goals etc.

6. Listen

One of the most important yet always forgotten skills leaders should develop is to listen. Almost everyone needs to let off steam once in a while or maybe they just have something on their mind bothering them, sometimes when employees are unable to express their negative opinions or feelings you can be sure they will act on them in subtle yet destructive ways by taking the time to listen to your employees you will gain their trust and get to the root of issues that may develop.

7. Think “We” not “I”

All the most successful leaders involve people. By using the term “we” instead of “I” you will create a sense of shared ownership in the workplace. Instead of “I have a problem” use “we have a problem” by including them in the business they will perform better and feel a sense of honour that their ideas are making an impact.

Technology usually goes down in value once they are purchased, employees don’t they can offer a much greater value to your business if managed by a true leader.

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