Setting Up Your Own Home-Based Server

If you want to set up your own web server so you could host your own site or just share whatever music files you have to your friends, you can do this by simply using your own home computer. It also does not need to be expensive for there are web server programs which you can install for free. The process may not be as simple as you think but it could be a very rewarding experience, just follow the instructions and in no time you can be a server. And forget about thinking that you need to be a genius to do this. If you can use your computer then you can definitely follow the instructions below. So relax and just go with the flow.

Web Server

Really Simple Instructions:

Download Web Server

First, you need to download web server software like the Apache and simply follow the installation procedures. Complete them according to the prompts. The file should be in zip format so make sure that your computer can open a zip file. If not, you need to download a zip file opener or something equivalent.

Unzip Files

Second, go to where the zip files were downloaded and unzip. If you had downloaded the installer package you can skip this step.


Third, click on the installation process and just wait for the automated prompts. Follow the directions and within minutes the program should be installed within your computer and you are now web server capable. The program should be installed in your hard drive or Drive C.

Verify Install

Fourth, go to the start button on your desktop. Click on All Programs and then the newest file that you just installed. Verify that all the components in the package are in there. Make sure the following are installed: FielZilla, Mercury Mail Server, Perl, Php, MySql, PhpAdmin, and PgAdmin.

Setup Web Server

Fifth, you should open the browser which you frequently use and type in the following: http://localhost/security or security. Just follow the instructions on the screen that opens and you will be able to type in your choice of administrator username and your password. The password is your security so you can open your Apache web server. If you want security, do not share your password with anyone. If you really do not care, then it is up to you to share it.
That is it, it is simple but it could take some time. Just be patient with the whole process and with these simple instructions you and your friends can have a private sharing of whatever files you want accessible amongst yourselves. But it is very important to remember that when you shut down your computer, there is no web server function going on. It will only happen when your computer is one.

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