Self Publishing: Things To Know

Self-publishing has no doubt gained traction and garnered the attention of many aspiring authors. It’s no wonder, given the freedom it allows and the convenience it provides. It’s cost-effective, easily accessible, and puts you, the author in the driver’s seat. Even though you are calling the shots, it’s good to remember a few things to prepare yourself and ensure that your project runs smoothly. Here are some things to keep in mind.

You are your publishing house

This means everything falls on you. Promotion, advertising, re-ordering, building relationships with potential retailers, book signings…the list is endless.

If you want your project to succeed, it helps if you L-O-V-E it, as you are the one person creating its momentum and will be working overtime to see it to success.

Self Publishing: Things To Know
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You’ll have to play the waiting game

One of the greatest reasons for authors to self-publish is that they are on their own timeline. But, as with any big project, it can often take much longer than anticipated to get to the finished product.

It may be frustrating to go through revision after revision, but it is essential to get it right before you start selling copies. Although tedious, you’ll be thankful when you hold in your hand the physical copy of your hard work and can promote it with full confidence.

Do you research

When it comes to having your book printed, do your research. The downside of the rise of self-publishing is that it has increased the number of companies out to scam you, make a profit off of a cheap-looking product, or sell you a service with no support.

You can avoid this by doing some homework. Ask those in your network, search online forums, and see who comes recommended.

Keep it going

Once you build momentum, do everything you can to keep it going. It’s great to feel proud of your work, but you never want to get to a position where you rest on your laurels. After your book release party, see where you can line up book signings in your area.

Call the local magazines and tell them about your project; who knows, they may be looking for a story to write and your book may be the perfect fit.

Think globally, act locally

You want to have high hopes and to reach for the stars but know that behind every huge success are several small steps that, when looked at individually, may seem insignificant. They aren’t. The small things matter, and will contribute to your ultimate goal.

If you schedule a book signing and only three people show up, don’t get discouraged. One of those three people may be a writer, a huge social networker, or may share your book with just one person who could make a world of a difference for you.

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