Romance & Social Media: How Not to Ruin Your Relationship Online

Who says that the Internet and social media were meant to make relationships easier? It’s undeniable that they are an amazing way of keeping in touch with people who live far away or that you don’t see very often, but it’s not a well-kept secret that had it not been for a misunderstood tweet or profile picture then maybe some couples would still be happily spending time together.

All this makes me wonder, are we giving too much weight to social media when assessing the healthiness of our love lives? The following is some advice on how to love more and worry less.

How Not to Ruin Your Relationship Online

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Don’t broadcast your intimate moments live

You may think that this is an obvious statement, but sadly it isn’t anymore. Some studies show that 24% of people actually miss important moments of their lives because they were too busy tweeting about them or updating their Facebook status. Surely your friends wouldn’t mind if they couldn’t follow your marriage proposal live! So, if you really do feel so strongly about sharing your experiences online, please make sure you live it first and enjoy it in person. Also, keep in mind that many intimate moments are special because they only involve the two of you!

You can’t measure love in profile pictures

Some of the coolest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing hardly ever posted a “cringey” kiss picture or publicly expressed their love and devotion to one another over the Internet. So, don’t worry too much if you’re not the trending topic of your partner’s tweets!

I’m sure that if you’re spending quality time together, your partner doesn’t mind introducing you to their friends (in person, obviously), you laugh often and have things in common, your relationship is perfectly healthy and right on track.

Never judge without context

Some pictures, comments or statuses can be easily – and badly – misinterpreted when ignoring the context in which they were taken or written. It’s not unlikely that you’ve seen a picture of your partner and thought, why is he/she so close to his/her friend?

However, have you never been tagged in a completely harmless picture with a mate of the opposite sex? The only thing I can suggest here is to trust your partner – without being stupidly blind – and talk things through if you do have genuine concerns.

Forget about discussing things online

Things are better said face-to-face than written on the Facebook or What’s app chat. Tone of voice, gestures and face expressions prevent a lot of misunderstandings. Surely you must have had that experience of writing something and then immediately realising that the joke definitely didn’t sound as good as it did in your mind.

The other obvious advantage of saying things in person is that there’s always the chance of giving/receiving a kiss or a hug that will most likely save a great part of the discussion! However, the ugly truth is that in today’s hectic world it’s not always possible to meet and have a nice, long chat. So, is social media effective for quickly discussing things before they turn into a mountain?

Why don’t you contribute to making relationships last in the social media era by sharing this or by giving any extra advice that I may have forgotten?

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