Review of the Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded (Worn Cherry)

When you are choosing a guitar, you are faced with hundreds of options. That is why you turn to others for their preference.

In the world of guitars, there are typically two major players: Fender and Gibson. Of course, there are other great brands of guitars, like Ibanez. To help you in your decision, here is a precision review of the Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded (Worn Cherry).


The style of the body is perfect. It has that amazing Gibson Les Paul style that comes with the more expensive models. The style is a single-cutaway with a carved maple top. The body is made out of mahogany for a crisp, clear sound. The color of this guitar is worn cherry, which is a beautiful faded red color.

The neck is based off the ’59 rounded neck style. The ’59 style rounded style is a nice fusion of the original chunky neck and the slim tapered carved style that is associated with the 1960 Gibson models. It has a rosewood fingerboard for smooth playability. The inlays are pearloid trapezoid, allowing players to move freely to the upper frets during solos.


The action on the Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded is properly set to allow players to easily press on the strings. It is not too low to allow fret buzz, but it is not too high to be difficult to compress. Of course, some players may prefer their action height to be slightly different from the default.

Luckily, it is very easy to adjust action on this model guitar. Still, if you are not comfortable adjusting the action, your local guitar shop technician can do it for you.


For many people, the intonation is very important on a guitar. That is what allows the guitar to stay in tune in different places on the neck. For example, a C chord may be in tune in the first position, but not in the E Chord shape on the eighth fret. This guitar has great intonation.


The sound of this guitar surprises many people. For such an inexpensive Gibson, you wouldn’t expect the sound to be professional quality, but it is. The Les Paul Studio is equipped with Burstbucker Pro pickups. These pickups have excellent tonal range, providing players with a powerful bite in the treble position, and excellent clarity in the bridge or rhythm position.

You don’t have to worry about those muddy-sounding distortions anymore. The alnico magnets in the pickups provide even better quality.


The bridge is a Nashville Tune-O-Matic, very popular for keeping guitars in tune, even during long gigs.

General Impression

This guitar is great for its price. It competes well with the more expensive Gibson models. In fact, you may not even be able to tell the difference. Players who focus on comfort and playability will love this guitar. Likewise, tone freaks will be amazed at the quality sound they get for the price. It doesn’t matter if you are hobbyist or a gigging musician; you will love adding this guitar to your collection. You can buy this guitar here.

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