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All Reverse Mortgage Company is a winner of RMD awards 2011, Government-Insured by the Federal Housing Administration(FHA), maintaining an A+ paradigmatic rating by BBB and is a matchless reverse mortgage broker in the United States.

It provides a beneficial reverse mortgage ( product for senior home owners aged 62 or above with an extraordinary customer care service. With amazing offers like $0 origination fees and no upfront mortgage insurance, upholds a peerless position in the reverse mortgage market.

Reverse Mortgage

How They Work

Basically, All Reverse Mortgage Company provides a very clear and clean way to ingress a portion of senior citizens home equity in order to render them tax free cash without any monthly loan payments. This beneficial website contains necessary information regarding this useful plan and helps the borrowers to learn what it is all about.

The Company processes are systematic; the very first process is the submission of applications containing vital information and packages, along with some very important documents. After that according to HUD requirement, the applicant is asked to attend a counseling session from a list of counselors either by phone or in person.

Once the applicant receives their reverse mortgage application and counseling certificate, the dedicated team at All Reverse Mortgage Company begins to process the loan application package. This process includes some visits to the applicant’s home as well.

At All Reverse Mortgage Company, the loan application process is treated by well experienced underwriters and therefore allowing it to reach the loan closing step without any hassle. After the preparation of the loan documents, the Notary Public visits the applicant’s home for the required signatures.

These documents are then sent for loan funding and the funds are successfully transferred into the applicant’s account within four working days.

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

A reverse mortgage calculator< is available to facilitate senior citizens who cannot calculate how much money they are going to receive from their reverse mortgage plan. The applicant only needs to enter some basic info to calculate the exact details and amount of loan This basic info is about the home owner himself and his property. Users are required to enter his own and his spouse’s (if any) date of birth along with a rough estimation of his/her property’s worth and the zip code of the house. This amazing reverse mortgage calculator is very fast and provides accurate results based on the information provided by the applicant.

Reverse Mortgage Rates

All significant information regarding reverse mortgage rates is available on the website. Senior borrowers can also choose between adjustable and fixed interest rates. If they plan to select fixed reverse mortgage rates, they will know that they are constant and never change with any sort of changes in the market.

However, if they choose adjustable reverse mortgage rates, they will have to contend with changing rates which are based on an assertive financial index. Basically, London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) and the Constant Maturity Treasury (CMT) are followed for calculating reverse mortgage rates allowing the borrowers to check the increase and decrease in the interest rates as the market fluctuates.

Other than these, if the borrower requires an analysis on reverse mortgage rates, he/she can call on a toll free number (800) 565-1722.


Hence, All Reverse Mortgage Company can be viewed as a paramount company providing the best reverse mortgage plans for American senior citizens.

The overall services and software offered are very helpful for borrowers to determine and analyze everything regarding their reverse mortgage plans

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