Readymade Logos: Cost Comparison Between Available Options

The logo that represents your brand or product is an important and highly impactful decision. Logos carry the weight of the brand and are useful for c


Readymade Logos: Cost Comparison Between Available Options

The logo that represents your brand or product is an important and highly impactful decision. Logos carry the weight of the brand and are useful for customers who have limited time while shopping to recognize items they frequently purchase. An appropriately designed logo ties your brand to your products and makes it easy to identify them alongside other similar offerings on store shelves.

Readymade Logos: Cost Comparison Between Available Options

It makes sense, therefore, not to rush into the commission of a custom logo for your business unless you have already ironed out all the details of your brand’s purpose and how you intend to advertise and sell it. Often times startups and companies trying out a product in a new market are looking for a more cost effective way to represent themselves in a graphics saturated environment without shelling out the big bucks that are associated with custom work.

What Is Readymade?

When people hear ‘readymade’ they may think of prefab, canned and discount ideas and it can lead to a distaste for the concept but readymade logos are anything but. Graphic Designers spend much of their time working for companies designing logos, brands, images or content to exacting specifications. They rarely have time to implement their own creativity and let their inspirations pan out. That’s where these readymade logos come in.

With no input from clients and usually no deadlines, designers are free to explore their own design aesthetics when creating readymade logos. They start with an idea or inspiration, perhaps wanting to create a wine label or mock-up a brand image for a fantasy hot sauce, and they run with it. What results is a brand image or logo that isn’t associated with any current products on the market, but has had no less time and dedication put into it than a commissioned project.

Unclaimed logos are then offered up via digital marketplaces such as Designhill where clients with small budgets, or companies looking for a test logo for a hypothetical brand can browse and purchase. Often, readymade logos at Designhill include simple customizations in the purchase, often limited to adding the tag line or company name, though sometimes includes minor color alterations.

When you purchase a readymade logo you are purchasing the rights to use that image in association with your company name and tagline. You frequently receive the option of a standard or exclusive license, meaning you choose to either allow others to use the same design for their companies (often the least expensive) or you secure exclusive rights so that the image is owned solely by your company (often twice as expensive as a standard license).

Costs and Benefits

There are many benefits to purchasing a readymade logo, however the first and usually foremost in consideration is about cost. Even with an exclusive rights license often costing $200 or more, readymade images still beat out custom logos dollar for dollar.

Standard license images with only basic customization, such as company name and colors, often run $99 or less with a wide market of available images from sports themes to pets and food available depending on where you choose to look for your future logo. This is a popular option because with your logo will still be specific to your product or brand but there is much less wait involved in order a logo that is receiving only limited customizations.

An exclusive license will often run between $100-200 but by comparison, a fully customized commission logo will often cost $300 or more and take potentially weeks to receive. A readymade logo purchased on an exclusive license can never be used by another company, so you’re assured of brand integrity and you still avoid the long wait times. Even more, before committing to a custom logo, you have to have a very clear idea of what your brand and company are intending to project on the market. If there are conflicting opinions on what the consumer impact should be or what personality your brand should project it can be much more cost effective, and much less of a headache, to commit to a readymade logo until such details are concrete.

In Conclusion

Readymade Logos fill a market niche that addresses multiple issues a company could face in the development of their brand, not least of which is the cost to commission a custom design. A company just starting their foray into brand development and identity that does not have a clear focus and direction for the public face of their efforts would be most served to go with a prefabricated logo design with more minimal customizations until they can organize their requirements and create a solid brand presence. Likewise established companies that wish to test products in new markets, or test new products entirely will benefit in similar ways.

At the end of the day the focus is on the resources and whether you’re a multimillion dollar company or a home-based startup, intelligent dispensation is key. Readymade logos offer a customizable design on a highly flexible budget.

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