Quirky Spare Room Ideas

Probably the most unloved room in the home has to be the spare room. It often receives the least amount of attention when it comes to design and decor, and for many people the spare room is the ideal dumping ground for the excess items we can’t fit into the other rooms of the house. But, it’s time to change all of that and give the spare room the love and attention it deserves to become a part of the family home. Here are some quirky spare room ideas that every home should adopt.


Spare rooms are often used when guests come to stay, so they’ll likely contain a bed, wardrobe and storage for your worldly possessions. Most spare rooms don’t get used anywhere near as often as other rooms in the home, but unless you live in a sprawling mansion, there are probably lots of times you could do with having that extra space. Even if you still need to keep your spare room for times when guests stay over, you still may be able to create a theme or use the extra space in the room for other activities.

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An office

With increasing numbers of people working from home, having a dedicated office space is paramount for home workers. Devote a corner of your spare room to office space, so you can house a desk with computer and chair, and other work-related paraphernalia that you might need. Incorporate shelving above the desk for adding books or files, or get a small cabinet and place under the desk for storage purposes. To make more space in a spare room, consider getting a sofa bed that can be pulled down as and when you need it, and kept as a sofa at all other times.

A playroom

If you have children then you may find that their toys and belongings soon start to take over every room in the house. But if you want to keep the rest of the home toy-free, then why not dedicate your spare room as a playroom for them? You could get colourful baskets and use these as storage for toys and stack them in the room. Paint the walls a fun and vibrant colour. It could also be used as a guest room for whenever any children come for a sleepover, so you might want to get a bunk bed or use inflatable beds for any youngsters staying over.

A library

If you just can’t find any peace and quiet in any other room at home, and you love reading, then consider turning your spare room into a library. Make it the kind of room where you can close the door and sink into a good book without being disturbed. Paint the walls soothing pastel tones and get a comfortable sofa or seating area that you can absorb yourself into. A day bed could be a good idea, as you can still use it as a spare bed, if needed. Line the walls with shelves to store your books on.

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A dressing room

If your home is busy and chaotic, then you may need an area where you can get dressed in the morning without falling over piles of clothes on the floor or waiting to use the bathroom. Why not turn the spare room into a dedicated dressing room? Incorporate a good-sized wardrobe, drawers, storage baskets and a shoe rack for all of your items, and order them in a logical manner. Add good lighting to the room and include full-length mirrors. Storage is an essential element for anyone using their spare room as a dressing room, and you need to have a good system in place to ensure you don’t end up leaving your clothes in a heap on the floor.

A gym

If you don’t have the time to spend at a gym, but want to keep fit, then you can easily buy one or two pieces of exercise equipment that could be added to your spare bedroom. An exercise bike, treadmill or rowing machine, for instance could be included and arranged in such a way to make a functional space. Make sure you keep the room well ventilated and decorate it in invigorating, energising colours.

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