Project Managing Your Self Build

A large majority of self-builders decide to stay out of the construction process but do get involved with project managing. About 80% of self-builders will project manage themselves. This is a large proportion, especially considering that a majority of them will have no experience in this line of work. If you’re unsure as to whether you want to project manage yourself or hand the job over to the professionals use the information below to help you make the right decision for you.

Project Management
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The Value of Time

Project management takes time and time is money. You need to work out if you’re going to have the time necessary to control everything. You’ll be in charge of ordering the materials, working the schedules for the various contractors and everything else that falls under the management, including budgeting.

As time is so important it is up to you to work out how your time is going to be best spent. If you’re going to need to take time off in order to take care of everything for the self-build is that really a good decision to make? The last thing you need to do right now is lower your income, so you may be better off handing the job over to a professional instead.

Solving Problems

Another part of project management is organisation. Once you’ve decided you can afford to spend the time on the management he next step is to work out if you have the organisation skills. Mistakes can be costly and cause huge delays and confusion so you need to be sure you’ll be able to cope with such a demanding organisational role. You’ll need to talk to a wide variety of people, so being a confident people person will also be a huge benefit to help you get the job done and organise the schedules.

The cash will need to be paid on time to move the project onwards, it is best to have a software package to help you stay on top of everything. Alternatively use tools such as calendars and spreadsheets to keep you on top of each daily activity.

Start off by planning your time as well as the job. You will need to have time when you can update the plans and sort out the problems that have risen. Deal with any issues as soon as they arise rather than letting them drag on.

Focus on each stage of the build. Concentrate on the groundwork, move on to the frame and the block work and so on. By using this technique the entire project becomes a lot more manageable.

If you are new to this kind of work you may find it more suitable to work with one supplier. However, if you’re conscious about getting the best deals and wish to source a variety of materials such as triple glazed glass and these bricks it’s a good idea to create separate sheets and schedules for each one.

Keep the site tidy as you don’t want to raise the risk of injuries or accidents. Know when subcontractors are arriving and ensure there is enough space for deliveries to be unloaded.

Finally you’ll be wise to have everything in writing. Have the dates, prices, the specifications of the materials all recorded so you know what’s coming and to have written evidence should any disputes pop up.

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