Power Conditioners Types and Usage

Power quality is foundational and essential to enhance and optimize voltage usage for electrical devices. In order to extend product life span and maintain excellency of your precious equipment, Power Conditioners can be extremely useful to optimize, to leverage and to produce a good and proper level of voltage delivery into any electrical devices.

Power Conditioners Types and Usage

Based on few research, the efficiency and reliability of an electrical devices can be linear with the sufficiency and accuracy of power quality delivered to a device in term of usage and safety. Nevertheless, the good practice of Power Conditioner’s application of may disparate based on specific purpose, area and usage. Hence, it is vital to get a specific Power Conditioner based on specific conditions and characteristics.

Powervar offers a variety model for different range of industries such as medical, network, international and many others. Below are few general Power Conditioner types and its description.

Standard Power Conditioner

Standard Power Conditioner are most suitable for the use of any microprocessor based electronic equipment such as phone systems, PC Workstations and even tablets.

It was built with surge diverter and power line filters to remove or eliminate any possible noise spikes.

Ground Guard Conditioner

Ground Guard Conditioner are often used in a networked workplace and environment. It was designed to provide unconditional protection and safety for ground circuit by preventing “Ground Loops” which are noted to be common in networked environments.

Medical Conditioner

Medical Conditioner are useful to protect the availability of medical electrical devices such as imaging equipment, patient healthcare systems, patient monitoring screen and other medical computer systems. It was built to give extra features as medical equipment are vital as it involved patient care and life insurance.

Industrial Conditioner

Industrial Conditioner are best to support the hefty loads and robust electronic devices such as manufacturing machine, robotic system and many more which consumes huge amount of voltage on daily basis.

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