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All games in are arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z for the convenience of the searchers.

Download games from a huge collection of more than 1300 games and 400 online games and play your way at Game House.

Since its launch in January 2004, Game House or formerly known as RealArcade has remained a pioneer in downloadable casual games Game House offers a very interesting mixture of online games and has extended its radius into mobile games as well.

With lots of amazing features like extravagant graphics and striking soundtracks, these games are found to be highly indulging and addictive.

The most popular hits are: Bounce Out, Super Mahjong Solitaire, Text Twist and Game House Solitaire volume 1 to 3. The site possesses a colorful look and offers lots of wonderful features like Game Genres.

Play your Way at

All games are arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z for the convenience of the searchers. The website also offers a free trial version of every game, so that user can test the game before purchasing.

The game prices are also very reasonable and Game House members are entitled to get a big discount on their purchase. The best thing about Game House is the Free Game offer; anyone can download and play free forever.

Gamers can also join the fun Game House community where they can share game reviews, get tips and tricks and chit chat with other fellow gamers.

Online Games

Online games

Game House offers a vast range of high quality online games to choose from. The games are acutely divided into different categories and each game on the site appears with a small description and a screen shot to give gamers the idea what the game is all about.

From a list of countless online games, users can find classics like UNO and Bejeweled to all-time favorite games on hidden objects and time management.

They can also find a number of single and multiplayer games on this website and luckily can always catch someone online to play with.

PC And Mac Download Games

Game House offers some of the finest PC and Mac games. Gamers can enjoy a big variety of downloadable games on their personal computer; from arcade and puzzle games to casino and word games, name it and the game will be there.

Moreover, there’s a long list of addictive games for Mac users of almost any age. The graphics and sound quality of Mac games are mind blowing.

Mobile Games

mobile games

Game House also provides some of its most popular games for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android phone users. Users can enjoy their favorite games on their mobile phones with amazing visual and sound effects.

Famous Games like Sally’s Saloon, TextTwist 2, COLLAPSE and Doodle Jump etc. are available on the site for all smartphone users.


With loads of exciting and fun features, the only drawback users can experience on Game House is the ads that appear on the website.

Gamers can only find them on pass through pages but the good thing is that they can skip them as they move ahead in the game.


Overall Game House is an excellent site for gamers as it offers a lot more choices than other gaming sites.

It’s a user-friendly website having loads of wonderful options. The site possesses the ability to please gaming fans of almost every age.