PHP Dir Submit: SEO Script for Building Links and Making Money

When it comes to link building for your website or a client’s website, any webmaster worth his salt knows that directory submission, article directories, and social bookmarking are all essential elements of that strategy. But with so many hundreds of directories and bookmarking sites out there that you can submit your site to, the question then becomes, what is the easiest, most effective way to submit to all of these? That’s where PHP Dir Submit comes in.

PHP Dir Submit offers an easy to use interface that allows you to enter the required information one time, and then immediately submit it to all the directories, article sites, and bookmarking sites of your choice. The software comes preloaded with 300 directory sites, 300 article directories, and 300 bookmarking sites, but the aspect that really puts the icing on the cake is that you can add and remove any site you want. So potentially, you could submit to even more sites than the package provides. Set up is a breeze, and because the submissions are clean (i.e. “white hat” links), you’re guaranteed to see increased traffic for you or your clients in the coming months.

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PHP Dir Submit: SEO Script for Building Links and Making Money

The real gem of PHP Dir Submit is that you can use it to make some extra cash providing SEO backlink services for other people. Instead of opting for the $49 single domain license which only allows you to submit just one site, you could buy the $99 unlimited domain package and submit the links, site descriptions, and articles of an unlimited number of sites to the hundreds of directories and social bookmarking sites out there. In other words, for just a onetime payment of $99, you could run your own SEO backlink and directory submission business, taking on as many clients as you want. Or if you prefer, you can buy the $49 package and buy credits for more websites as you need them.

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So what sets PHP Dir Submit from other directory submission software out there now? For starters, their customer service is speedy, friendly, and thorough. Whenever a question is asked, it’s answered clearly, with plenty of details and specifics so as to leave nothing to doubt. And if there’s still something unclear, their customer support team is happy to work with you until the problem is resolved. Further, their list of directories is updated for free, for life, whereas other directory submission packages merely offer you one list of directories and that’s it. And that’s on top of the fact that this tool allows you to submit to each of the big three backlink building categories—site directories, article directories, and bookmarking sites—whereas other directory submission tools only allow one. It really is one of the most all-inclusive, easy to use SEO tools out there. You’d be doing yourself a disservice not to buy it.