Online Currency Converter App by provides free currency exchange rates conversion calculator. It is a web application which provides one step currency conversion.

Many of us need to exchange foreign currency on daily basis. Currency Converter is the most advanced and quickest tool to perform currency conversion. provides free currency exchange rates conversion calculator.

It is a web application which provides one step currency conversion. Investing in currency is a good option to make some money. Individuals and companies interested in foreign currency investment business need to know the updated currency rates.

freecurrencyrates interface

This online currency converter app is designed to cater to the needs of such individuals. The classical currency conversion interface on the site provides real-time currency conversion and rates are updated daily.

Let’s have a look at website design and how effective it is for users looking for online currency converter.


Simple Free Currency Rates Design

The interface design is appealing to users as the layout is very simple and effective.

The title, text and links are not cluttered and the site is properly organized with relevant information. The background and design feature the colors, pleasing to the eye.

The simplicity and consistency in design and color choice provide a good browsing experience. Additionally, the website offers content in different languages to make it more convenient to use.


The website has been designed to make it easy for individuals as well as businessmen dealing in foreign exchange, to convert foreign currencies into local currency.

It gives a very clear idea of what it serves. People visiting the website with the intent to find out latest currency rates and converted amounts, would find this site valuable.


It is a user friendly website by every aspect. Navigation is quite simple and easy; you can easily jump through pages and get desired information without feeling the need of a sitemap.

The web app works really fast and provides real-time currency conversion on every input.


The website provides names of currencies and exchange rates of a wide range of countries from all over the world. The currency rates are accurate and revised every day.

The website also offers a comparative exchange rate history of US dollar and Euro to help users know the chronological fluctuations in these two strong currencies and the effects they had the previous year.

This data is very helpful for future predictions.


The website is useful for individual users as well as businesses. People traveling abroad and foreign currency investors would find it very helpful.


The best thing about is the user friendly interface.

If you go to any financial website to get currency rates, you would have to browse through many pages to get currency exchange rates.

Here, users can find the conversion rates and tools conveniently without having to jump through pages. They can also customize their own currency converter for free.